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Max Holloway vs Dustin Poirier LIGHTWEIGHT INTERIM TITLE fight added to UFC236. Thoughts?!
Just as I had posted about Interim titles on my last post, this happens! 2 Interim title fights on one card... Some of you may have heard that Max vs Dustin 2 has been added to the UFC236 card where Kelvin Gastelum fights Israel Adesanya for the interim middleweight title. So, we now have, for the first time ever, 2 interim title fights on one card... Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier have fought, and Dustin submitted him in the first outing. Now onto the: Lightweight clusterfuck What is going on with the lightweight division. Ok, firstly, of course I want to see Max fight Dustin, we all want to see the best first the best and this is one hell of a fight! For the fight, I am pumped, but it doesn't feel right. It ISN'T right in my opinion. Tony Ferguson, I believe was offered the Max Holloway LW interim title fight, but, in my opinion he rightly so turned it down. Tony is on a 11 or 12 fight win streak and he IS THE LW INTERIM CHAMP! Tony has won the title, and was stripped due to an injury that many of us though was very unjust. I understand Khabib is out for now (until roughly November) but why the UFC is adding a lightweight interim title with Max and Dustin I just don't understand. I also don't think Max Holloway should be fighting for an interim title. He's the featherweight champ who really should deserve a title shot. But, he can't jump the line when Tony is there, and others in the most stacked division. The lightweight division is the most stacked right now, and has been for a while. But this just throws a major spanner in the works. If Dustin wins do I think the UFC will give him the next shot at Khabib? F**k no! If Max wins, maybe.. But Tony?! What about Tony!? Shit, what about Conor? The only way I can make sense of this is if, the winner of Dustin vs Max fights the winner of Khabib vs Tony. I think Dustin should have rallied for a Nate Diaz fight, and I think Tony should now get a big money fight against Conor at the very least - however, we ALL want Tony vs Khabib. That has got to happen. If Dustin beats Max he might have to wait for Khabib to fight Tony, I don't think they will give him a title shot. I don't really think the UFC should have let Max jump up just yet, as Tony really is next in line. It did look like Max vs Tony was going to happen but it didn't get announced - probably as the UFC asked Tony if he wanted another interim title fight which would be silly. Now, if the UFC strip Khabib, then things could make a bit more sense. Here is my matchmaking for lightweight and see what you think: Khabib vs Tony - title fight Max vs Conor 2 - interim (if we must..) Dustin vs Cowboy vs Nate - #1 contender fight...? Still Nate and Cowboy jumping the line! I think throwing Max in is messing things up. However, I love Max stepping up to 155, but we gotta get Tony to fight Khabib! Tony should be getting more respect and love, I think he's the best LW and has proven it time and time again. I need to see him fight Khabib... What are your thoughts? I know this post is a bit jumbled up I just had to get my thoughts out! Been driving me crazy all day thinking about it!

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