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After all this time, Valentino Rossi finally opened his voice about an accident that befell his colleague in a yard from Italy, Marco Simoncelli. Of course this is not an easy thing for Rossi to tell the incident, especially Simoncelli was his closest friend since childhood. This Movistar Yamaha rider tells about this before the MotoGP final match in Valencia some time ago.

Simoncelli's accident at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia in 2011 left a deep sorrow for The Doctor. Moreover, he became the driver involved in the incident with Colin Edwards. When the accident occurred, Rossi and Edwards accidentally run over Simoncelli's body who was dragged to close the lane. It was inevitable for both of them and witnessed the death of the driver number 58.

In the unfortunate incident, Simoncelli suffered a very severe injury to his neck, head and chest. This was due to the heavy impact of Rossi and Edwards motorcycle tires - which made the body of the San Carlo Honda Gresini racer damaged.

As a result, the driver who was then 24 years old died on the way to the hospital for medical treatment. After the incident, Rossi said he spent a lot of time with the Simoncelli family at Sepang, namely accompanying his father and mother.

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In a press conference in Valencia, Rossi said that the accident occurred because Simoncelli lost control of his RC212V motorbike in the second 11 laps. At that time Simoncelli was in front of Edwards and Rossi, so they could not avoid the clash against Simoncelli.

"I see, in this case he (Simoncelli) tried not to stop so he didn't get out of the race. So he was seen trying to maintain his balance so as not to fall from the motorbike. But I see when his body had touched the asphalt, it was like a third tire that dragged him into the path of other drivers, "Rossi said as quoted by Motorcyclenews, Thursday (01/04/2018).
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Then Rossi continued, "What is certain is that he is not lucky and we are still working hard to improve the security of this event for the past few years. But still, accidents are unavoidable from this sport. "Especially when corners on the first lap, where many motorbikes are close together and the possibility of touching is very large," he continued.
Seeing the situation at the time of Simoncelli's accident, Rossi and Edwards could not do much, because of the angle they could not avoid. "I still remember. At that time I was behind Colin Edwards, then at the same time Simoncelli walked towards the corner of the track that we could not avoid. There was nothing I could do at the time, "Rossi concluded.

Indeed, the accident that befell Marco Simoncelli is very much a concern for the sports world, including MotoGP and the Italian public. Until now, Simoncelli is still often remembered in this event, especially when the race was held at the Sepang Circuit as a form of respect.

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