Yamaha's nine-season experience, then added two seasons driving a Ducati, will certainly bring a lot of positive influence to manufacturers with a single wing logo - in this case the RC213V development.

Having a much different driving style, Marc Marquez was unable to throw curiosity towards Jorge Lorenzo, who would ride the RC213V next season.

Of the many line-up changes, Marquez-Lorenzo's duo is clearly awaiting their work. Collection of titles, and a strong figure every time racing on the track, is considered to be able to make Repsol Honda the most deadly team.

"Lorenzo's move from Ducati to Honda, I think is important for Honda. Because you have a very strong driver, a world champion like he said, that he can win with your motorbike, not with another motorbike, "Marquez told MotoGP.com.

"I better have the best driver in this category with the same motorbike as me. If he beat me, he beat me with the same motorbike. So, no reason, right?

"It will be interesting, because you need to be more developed. "Your first opponent is your teammate," said The Baby Alien.

The term "twin sun" usually we often hear describes the existence of two leadership in one organization. What is believed by all parties, the presence of Lorenzo in Honda is vulnerable to conflict. After all, the characteristics of X-Fuera are almost similar to those of compatriot colleagues.

However, the driver who was born in Cervera had another opinion. "If there is one world champion, and you are the fastest, you will have strength. And people will listen to you, and will come to your garage. Like this, "said Marquez.

"If there are two world champions, then you have to get strength on the track, based on records of lap times and results (races).

"I will not give advice to him. Hehehe. I mean, he already knows. When he follows several motorbikes, he will see which point is strong and which point is weak. But Jorge will be fast, "he added.

Mentioned about the adaptation of Lorenzo and Honda, Marquez said, it was difficult to determine exactly. It can be short. However, it could also take a very long time.

"We don't know how long (adaptation) they need. Is it one day, or one race, half a year, one year? To be sure, he will be fast. Sooner or later, "said the seven-time world champion.

"So, it would be interesting to see the style (driving) of Lorenzo that is different than mine with a Honda motorbike," he concluded.