So far, Valentino Rossi has not been able to rise in the second lung Moto GP 2018 this season, but he is very confident that he can get third place in the general standings. The record for Rossi's achievement until the thirteenth arrangement that took place at Misano on Sunday (9/9/2018) also had not felt the main position on the platform. The last time Rossi felt he was on the platform when he won in Assen, the Netherlands in 2017.

By looking at the number of points available, it seems that Rosi will have a hard time becoming a world champion this year. Currently Marc Marquez is still in the number of points in 221, while Andre Dovizioso is 154 in second place. Rossi himself just added 151 focus. and he is in third place in the general standings

"Obviously this is very frustrating (it can't be the best on the planet). Even so, you have to think and give the most extreme with the reason that in the standings even though everything is positioned third. I really don't understand this can happen,"

"Maybe I believe it's very difficult to stay third. In any case, we have a goal to do it, we need to try to survive, and we are not far from Dovi, we have more focus than Lorenzo and Maverick," he continued.

If you discuss Misano, Rossi should not have trouble making the most extreme numbers. The reason is that this circuit regularly gives victory to Rossi and Yamaha.

Even so, actually, Rossi this season is only ready to finish in seventh position. He was 19 seconds behind Dovizioso. "It's a shame not to compete here at Misano, before a crowd of observers." All things considered, I believe it's a bit more reasonable given the fact that when FP4 (in the speed-preparing race) I wasn't all that terrible, "he said. []