In an atmosphere of grief, people in Italy welcomed the bodies of MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli, Tuesday, 10/25/2011. This is the last tribute to the riders who were killed across the Sepang Circuit race, Malaysia, Sunday, 10/23/2011.

The MotoGP race held at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia on October 23, 2011, was the last race for Marco Simoncelli in his lifetime. He had to end his career forever in the world of MotoGP at a young age, he died when he was just 24 years old at that time. Throughout the two seasons in MotoGP, the 250cc world champion in 2008 had not even tasted the sweetness of lifting the trophy above the highest podium.

In the race, Simoncelli opened the race in the Malaysian Grand Prix series very amazingly. But unfortunately, bad luck experienced when he entered lap 2, when he was competing with Alvaro Bautista at the 11th corner, suddenly his motorbike made him lose his balance so he fell and was dragged by his motorbike. When the incident happened, his right foot was still sandwiched between his motors and covered the circuit line.

At the same time, Yamaha Monster racer Colin Edwards drove at high speed behind Simoncelli, a collision was unavoidable. In the incident Edwards stepped on the body part of Simoncelli, then followed by Valentino Rossi who hit the head, the hard impact made the helmet worn by Simoncelli detached from his head. Even though Rossi had tried hard braking at the time, the collision could not be avoided.

Video seconds of the Super Sic accident on the Sepang circuit, Malaysia - Video source

After the incident, the race was immediately stopped. The medical team immediately evacuated the victims from the circuit area to the hospital, the condition of the victim at that time was really critical.

After arriving at the hospital, the team of doctors stated that Simoncelli had died. Even though the team of doctors had made the best efforts, it turned out that the death had taken Simoncelli just at 5:00 pm, Malaysian time.

SuperSic's body will be flown to Italy on Tuesday night Malaysia time. In this trip also accompanied Simoncelli's father, Paul, and girlfriend Simoncelli, Kate.

Thousands of people took part in the last tribute - Image source

Simoncelli's body was first autopsied in Malaysia and the results were only released a week later. But, the Italian Embassy helped with an autopsy so that it could be shortened. Moreover, Simoncelli's body was awaited by his mother and sister Scarlett Martina.

In the funeral process, he also had the opportunity to attract a lot of attention from more than 10,000 people who deliberately came from various countries to witness the funeral process directly. Besides that the funeral was also broadcast live by Italian television stations.

Two days before the race, Rossi had mentioned that the track conditions at the Sepang Circuit were very different when compared to other circuits, the asphalt felt so slippery that Rossi himself claimed he could not go fast around the corner. He also added that the time was even worse than during the previous season's trials.

Memories of Marco Simoncelli (right) and his father, Paolo Simoncelli (left) - Image Source

Bad Hunch Before Incident

"In fact, last Sunday (before the accident-ed) he told me 'I am tired, I want to go home. The reason is, we are preparing to race in Malaysia from far away," Paulo said.

The figure in the eyes of the father

"Marco has never been badly judged, he was judged for what he did and how Marco did it. I love him, and he loves me. Marco is amazing. It's very unfortunate," Paulo said.

Promise Simoncelli to Kate Fretti (the lover)

"Yes, they plan to build a family. Sometimes my daughter follows her [Simoncelli] wherever she goes. Kate sometimes helps her as a staff and she is very happy with her love life with Simoncelli," said Kate's father, Maurizio Fretti.
"I can't forget. All I can do throughout my life is feeling this pain. Today I want to go to our home, I want to try to tell him that he told me never to separate. But he was wrong ... , "Kate said when interviewed an Italian talk show, Matrix.

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