The next MotoGP series will be held in Japan which is the headquarters of the HONDA team. Honda riders are almost certain to win the MOTOGP world title there Sunday, October 21 2018.

During the 2011 MotoGP season Marc performed well enough, it was impossible for other drivers to shift Marquez's position at the top of the temporary standings. only Marquez was unable to finish well twice. It happened when he made a mistake in Argentina, and had to finish in 16th place and one more in MotoGP Italia. The rest,

Baby Aliens always ride on the podium, even seven of them end in victory.

If he wins the Japanese MotoGP then the results in the next series will not affect his world title on the MotoGP event.

But it cannot be forgotten that there is a second position that cannot be underestimated. Ducati will not let the Honda rider win the title in Japan. At the very least, they are ready to provide obstacles, or even delay Marquez's party.

"We will try to hamper the celebration of the victory of Marquez and Honda. We want to do it in MOTOGP Japan," said Director of Ducati Corse, Gigi to Tuttomotoriweb.