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Retired from MotoGP Best Choice Dani Pedrosa
BARCELONA - The retirement decision of MotoGP called Dani Pedrosa is the best option for his future. The Honda rider admitted that he had been thinking of hanging a helmet for two years. In fact, Yamaha's offer to strengthen the new team ignored him. Honda has announced it will split with Pedrosa last week. He will be replaced by Ducati rider Jorge Lorenzo who will accompany Marc Marquez. Previously Johann Zarco or Johan Mirr had linked the prospective successor. However, Zarco has signed a contract with KTM and Mir prefer a race with Suzuki. "As they (the team) know, it's been two years (after talking) with all the previous people on the team, I tell them more is going to happen," said Pedrosa, quoted motorsportweek. "So this is the most profitable thing. That is of course you realize, especially more in reality. But more or less it has been spoken before, "he said. According to him, this decision is well thought out and of its own accord. Pedrosa also wanted to find new things and think of looking for the right moment to celebrate the breakup. He said his separation after 12 years of racing in MotoGP was not as complicated as imagined. "Two years ago it was a long time ago, but two years ago it started," he said. In fact, Pedrosa could actually get a new team next season. Moreover, Yamaha-backed Petronas previously ready to accommodate the racer nicknamed The Spanish Smurf but not seriously responded. He prefers the option to retire from MotoGP. The 32-year-old confirmed that he has some good options to continue his career and hopes his future can be secured before the race at the Valencia Circuit later this season. However, Pedrosa still choose on his plan. "Unfortunately, something else is not as clear as I want and I can not say something very clearly. That's all I can say. I have some options that are a good option, but still not so clear. So, I can not say more than this, "he said. Pedrosa's passion for racing also diminished. Of the nine races that have been going on, he has not managed to reach the podium. His best record only occupies fifth position in races in France and Catalunya. In fact, his position was ranked 12 klase - men racing while this season. The position was the worst of his career since the race in MotoGP in 2006. source