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Valentino's figure in Indonesia
Swap to IndonesianValentino Rossi Valentino Rossi is a person who is very popular in Indonesia and even in Indonesia itself is very much Rossi's fans.Many Indonesian people are very familiar with Rossi. in 2004 myself I already knew who Rossi was and even to this day I myself still like the figure of a MotoGP racer who is so reliable that he is loved now as a doctor. Personal information LahirUrbino, Italy February 16, 1979 Italian nationality Father Giraziano Rossi Mrs.Stefania Palma Racer Profession The current team is Yamaha No. Motor46 MotoGP Class World Championship Active Year 2000-present Honda Manufacturing (2000-2003), Yamaha (2004-2010), Ducati (2011-2012), Yamaha (2013-present) World Champion 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009 250cc Class World Championship Active Year 1998-1999 Manufacturer of Sicily World Champion 1999 125cc Class World Championship Active Year 1996-1997 Manufacturer of Sicily World Champion 1997 Rossi is the first in the most standings to win the race in the history of 500 cc / MotoGP, with 86 wins, and second in all time winning the overall standings with 112 wins in the race (behind Giacomo Agostini with 122). Rossi, along with Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR), Michael Schumacher (F1) and Sebastien Loeb (RC), are also widely referred to as one of the legends of automotive sports in the early 21st century. In Rossi's race, he often changes his nickname and does things that are interesting and entertaining. He reasoned that everything was done starting with the intention of having fun and doing something funny. Rossifumi Rossi's nickname created by his friend when Rossi raced in the 125cc class this nickname was created because Rossi was amazed by the typical Japanese driver with his long hair, Norick Abe who was 17 years old and fiercely fought Michael Doohan and Kevin Scwantz in the 500cc class, because Japan's real name Norifumi Abe then Rossi was nicknamed Rossifumi. In 2004 Rossi and Abe both defended Yamaha in different teams but one graphic, which was dominated by blue. Rossi was in the Gauloises Fortuna Yamaha Team while Abe was in Fortuna Gauloises Tech 3 Yamaha Team.