…Days Gone By…

My grandfather, CHARLES LeROY HUTSON, was the most talented man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, learning from, admiring, idolizing, and creating memories alongside through 38 years of my life.

Not only was he a US Navy Veteran among the USS Boston during the Korean War, but, he owned and operated our local restaurant, was almost completely colorblind…only able to see colors although not in the same hue as most do, taught himself how to blend paints accounts his eye deficiency, owned and operated a successful sign shop where he hand lettered and pin striped, graphic design, air brush, and numerous other art projects, taught elementary art and advanced art classes in the Missouri school district, taught himself to play every instrument other than the guitar or other string instruments, traveled with the band The Melroys, cut a couple of albums which profits are used for cancer research and diabetic research (the name of the group will be left undisclosed for family privacy concerns). He mostly enjoyed his Tenor Saxophone and the piano. He was an amazing man.

I inherited a great deal of his talents, wisdom (learned not inherited), his eye for detail, and his heart of gold. Below you’ll see the last project that I helped him complete in 1993. This car came from Drury, Mo. and served many of purpose. Most of all, the 3 represents me…a 3rd generation namesake. I remember this car and our time together vividly and the rumble…man, I can still hear it today. Many other signs, murals, and etc float around that he and I did together but this one is special. Very special.

I could go on forever, however, I’ll close with this: Like a rock he was the foundation of my closest Hutson genes. He loved to rock and Roll Away yet maintain a responsible way of life. As the Night Moves ever so dim, cool and brisk, so did he. This chapter in our lives is left as a memory as we Turn the Page to see what lies ahead.

Keep it real y’all. Keep it safe. Keep it together.

Much respect to all of our men and women who protect, serve, rescue, sustain life, and bring joy!

Raced in time