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By Zane Miller

80- Jim Paschal

Photo Credit: RacingOne

While Paschal only had 20 starts with the 80 ride, with one race in 1951, most of the schedule in '53 and a few starts scattered through '54 and '55, Paschal scored one win, seven top fives and 12 top 10's throughout his run. By the way, the last name is misspelled on the driver's window in the picture.

First and Only Win: 1953 Martinsville Speedway race #2 (Jim Paschal)

Last Ran: 2007 UAW-Daimler Chrysler 400 (Aric Almirola)

Total Wins: 1

81- Kenny Wallace

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Wallace began his tenure with the 81 car with one race in 1994 before going full-time from 1995-98, taking 11 top 10's in 104 races.

First and Only Win: 1957 California State Fairgrounds race #2 (Danny Graves)

Last Ran: 2019 GEICO 500 (Jeffrey Earnhardt)

Total Wins: 1

82- Joe Eubanks

Photo Credit: Lil' Bud Moore Collection

Eubanks earned an impressive 34 top fives and 76 top 10's in 138 races in the 82 from 1951-57, then making a return from 1959-61.

Last Ran: 2010 Ford 400 (Scott Speed)

Total Wins: 0

83- Brian Vickers

Photo Credit: Zimbio

Vickers took one win, 11 top fives and 34 top 10's in 141 starts with the 83 in his run from 2007-11.

First Win: 1988 TranSouth 500 (Lake Speed)

Last Win: 2009 Carfax 400 (Brian Vickers)

Last Ran: 2017 Ford EcoBoost 400 (Joey Gase)

Total Wins: 2

84- Dick Trickle

Photo Credit: NASCAR

Trickle ran the 84 car for one season in 1989 for 28 races total, collecting six top fives and nine top 10's in the process.

Currently Used by: Jimmie Johnson

Total Wins: 0

85- Emanuel Zervakis

Photo Credit: NASCAR

Zervakis ran the 85 machine between 1960-61, collecting the number's only two wins, along with 21 top fives and 38 top 10's in 52 races.

First Win: 1961 Greenville 200 (Emanuel Zervakis)

Last Win: 1961 Yankee 500 (Emanuel Zervakis)

Last Ran: 2002 Pocono 500 (Carl Long)

Total Wins: 2

86- Buck Baker

Photo Credit: NASCAR

Baker earned one win, 12 top fives and 15 top 10's in 38 races, racing the 86 car from 1961 through part of '62. However, since 1993, the 86 has been '86ed' from NASCAR.

First and Only Win: 1961 Hartsville Speedway race (Buck Baker)

Last Ran: 1993 Slick 50 500 (Rich Woodland Jr.)

Total Wins: 1

87- Buck Baker

Photo Credit: Grand Prix Insider

Baker comes right back with the 87 car, however this time with more success with the 1957 championship, 26 wins, 166 top fives and 253 top 10's racing the number from 1949-69, skipping one season before coming back for a few races in 1971.

First Win: 1953 Langhorne Speedway race #1 (Buck Baker)

Last Win: 1963 Greenville 200 (Buck Baker)

Last Ran: 2014 Camping World RV Sales 301 (Timmy Hill)

Total Wins: 27

88- Dale Jarrett

Photo Credit: Ford Performance

Again, apologies to Dale Jr. fans, but Jarrett takes the 88 with his 1999 championship, 28 wins, 129 top fives and 188 top 10's in 380 starts from 1996-2006.

First Win: 1954 Wilson Speedway race (Buck Baker)

Last Win: 2020 Auto Club 400 (Alex Bowman)

Last Used: 2020 Season Finale 500 (Alex Bowman)

Total Wins: 76

89- Buck Baker

Photo Credit: The NASCAR Historian

Guess who's back again? Baker makes another appearance with the 89 car, using the number in parts of 1952, '55, '59 and '64 for 25 races total, however taking two wins, nine top fives and 16 top 10's to earn his third spot on the list.

First Win: 1952 Columbia Speedway race (Buck Baker)

Last Win: 1960 World 600 (Joe Lee Johnson)

Last Ran: 2006 Sylvania 300 (Morgan Shepherd)

Total Wins: 4