NBA / 3-pointers

The amazing Brooklyn Nets' feat, they have made up for the loss of 25-points in the fourth quarter.
Brooklyn Nets won with Sacramento Kings 123:121. The team from New York was losing 25 points in the fourth quarter, but it became the fourth team in history that managed to reverse the fate of such loss. source Since the NBA introduced limited time to make a throw, only three teams have managed to make up for a 25-point loss in the fourth quarter. In 3028 other cases, such teams suffered defeats. Yesterday, Brooklyn Nets found themselves in a narrow circle of teams with this unusual achievement. D'Angelo Russell threw 27 points just in the last part of the game, and in the entire match he had 44. Before that his game was very uneven. In first and second quarter he had a total of 17 points, in the third quarter he did not score any point action. In the last one he even had a series when he scored 16 points in a row for Nets. He threw four three-pointers and his 27 points in the fourth quarter is the best NBA result this season. The author of the last action that contributed to the victory was Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, who successfully entered the basket. This action was also possible thanks to the mistake of the first-year Marvin Bagley, who in previous situation came out with the ball outside the court. The coach Kenny Atkinson was extremely frustrated with the poor game of his basketball players in the first three quarters. The trainer tried all the available ways to influence the players, he used the breaks on demand, on which he was angry, he also changed players' positions and the way of covering from individual to zonal. We defended terribly in the zone, so I used the breaks on demand, but my players did not respond to the instructions. In the end, we sent a group of players with a great darkness on the pitch who earned this wonderful comeback. It's one hundred percent of their merit, a victory belonging to the player

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