In this installment I come to tell you about the great game that was played at the AmericanAirlines Arena yesterday between the current Golden State champions.


and the Miami Heat, in which Miami started the game in a big way by taking a very good 21-point lead with 33.9 seconds left before the end of the first half, but the Warriors scored consecutive three-pointers at the hands of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson to finish 59-74 with local team advantages.

Miami after having such a good advantage against another team was maintained and won a game without suffering so much, but it was the champion who is a triple scoring machine, so in his last quarter and with a Klay in flames scored from FG 14-23, 3PT 7-15 36PTS all over the court and scoring consecutive three-pointers and one of them with a foul makes his team have an advantage 116 - 114 leaving 3:16 in the fourth quarter.

The resurrection

After the Heat closed with a moderately good margin, some of them began to fail, but when things go wrong it is difficult to get back on track, until the Heat D-Wade legend arrived, it revived its team in which and take the reins with in their old time, and is that after Warriors take advantage for the first time in more than 41 minutes of game, when Klay made a pair of triples and put his team ahead on his scoreboard, D-Wade came up with 8 points in 1:58, 6 of them remaining 15 seconds to give his team a deserved victory and relive the flame that had a streak of 4 home defeats in a row.

In particular was a game of many emotions as D-Wade has announced his retirement and many players in the NBA have told him not to do so because they believe that he still has to give and that shows with his 25 PTS, FG10-17, 3PT 5-8, 7 rebounds and 3 assists, although he was not the best scorer of the team but if the killer of the.

And you who believe D-Wade should be removed in this campaign? or do you have one more year left? let him know in the comments please. Thanks for reading, Happy Day