You would think that there’s no way a NBA player can get fat. It’s said that during a practice or a game, the average player burns around 1000 calories. But with fat contracts, comes fat dinners.. And probably fat breakfast burritos... 

Number 10: Jared Sullinger at 275 LBS Kicking off our fat boy list is Toronto Raptors power forward and first round draft pick of the Celtics in 2012, Jared “I love Hamburgers” Sullinger. The Ohio native keeps it thick throughout the season, when a bizarre story was made about Jared’s hunger in Toronto/. It was alleged, that Raptors star DeMar DeRozan threw a hamburger across the locker room in anger. Jared then went to pick it up and eat it.. Sullinger’s fatty fuck emoji on twitter says it all. 

Number 9: Sean May at 280 LBS As another Charlotte Bobcat draft flop, Sean May was considered unfit to play from coach Larry Brown. As May stuffed his face and rode the bench for most of the years in the NBA, this once Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA tournament, is now retired from the NBA and free to eat as many Big Macs he wants. I’m Loving it (make it sound like a fat boy stuffed mouth) 

Number 8: Glen Davis at 300 LBS In a funny interview interruption while Big baby was on the Orlando Magics. Big Baby asks rookie Andrew Nicholson if he brought him his Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. As the rookie looks surprised, Big Baby says he has to pay 100$ for not having his sandwich ready for him. Big baby then shows the camera his candy stash. Fucking hilarious. The only other fatass i know who has a candy stash, is fatass hd flat. 

Number 7: Shawn Kemp at 300LBS Once known as one of the highest flying players the NBA has ever seen..Shawn Kemp went from ‘the Reign Man’ to the “Pour Donuts down my throat man”.. From his peak playing weight at 230 pounds, Kemp gained 70 LB’s by 2001 by the time he got to the Portland trailblazers..when color commentators like Bill Walton start clowning your weight, you probably should lay off the co co puffs. 

Number 6: Robert Traylor 320 LBS Known as the Tractor, this beast of a man once broke the backboard while playing for Michigan wolverines.. Playing in the association for 7 years, Robert was drafted and traded for Dirk Nowitzki in one of the more lopsided draft day trades. Sadly for Robert Tractor Traylor, the 6 foot 8 gentle giant, was found dead in his apartment in Puerto rico of an apparent heart attack at 34. Rest in peace, too many chicken mcnuggets. 

Number 5: Michael Sweetney at 348 LBS Coming in at the whopping weight of 3 Bills and a half, this big man’s metabolism is as slow as the DMV line. In 2003, Sweetney, was drafted as a lottery pick at number 9 for the New York Knicks.. And the only thing the knicks got from him, was buckets....... of KFC. In 09, he played for the Celtics summer league team, and lets just say he got dropped faster than a plate of vegetables that hd-flat didn't want. 

Number 4: Eddy Curry at 350 LBS As the 4th pick right out of high school for the Chicago Bulls. Eddy Curry ate himself out of the league for good in 2013. Although Curry, did play for the Miami Heat’s 2012 Championship team, but you probably don’t remember him on that squad, as he was at the end of the bench.. grubbing.. just kidding... 

Number 3: Sim Bhullar at 359 LBS As an un-drafted player, Sim makes the list by a chin hair. As he played for the Sacramento Kings on a 10 day contract. The 7 feet 5 inch player was always big, but this guy took big to the next extreme.. Sim Bhullar, now plays for the Dacin Tigers of the Taiwanese super basketball league. His curry meals from home, are roughly the size of Steph Curry. 

Number 2: Shaquille O’Neal at 360 LBS Sandwiched in the middle of two mediocre players on this list, get it? sandwich? Hall of famer Shaq, went from Superman to Super fat. Snacking down on anything not bolted down, Shaq went from 290 pounds to 360 by the end of his career. And what upset Kobe and Phil Jackson the most, was when Shaq showed up to pre season looking in shape. As in the shape of an oval. 

Number 1: Oliver Miller at 375 LBS Known as a pretty decent player during his 8 year career.. Oliver Miller’s weight has always been an issue for the 6 foot 9 center. As he ballooned to 380 big fat LB’s by his 4th year in the league..Oliver made his debut as a Harlem Globetrotter in 2001, but was released for showing no appreciation for what it takes mentally and physically to be a Harlem Globetrotter, end quote. Oliver Miller is now the mascot for the Houston Rockets. just playin’.. And there you have it, our list of the 10 Fattest NBA Players Ever. Did we miss any other jelly donut finger having ass players? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/don't forget to vote :)