Great expectation to watch the Boston Celtics face the defending champions Golden State Warriors in what could be an early final, despite the defeats and operational problems that have been presenting the Celtics in their recent performances, in another attractive and star night of NBA.

Game Summary

The start of the Celtics was excellent scoring a partial from 11 to 0, the coach Steve Kerr had to ask for time for the Warriors against energetic Celtics, in a matter of minutes Warriors discounted the advantage and would be placed to a single possession, but Boston was playing great form, with excellent game regaining its identity, would win the first quarter.

Celtics' shooting percentage was dreamy and increased a considerable advantage over Warriors, continued to perform Boston to perfection, the level and team work of the team were performing their best basketball, Hayward was starring in one of their best games, finishes the first half 73 - 48 up Celtics.

Second Half

Boston continued playing at the highest level and did not lower the guard with an offensive in fire and the whole team doing a great job, by Warriors were looking to discount but Celtics was placing the curtain very high and they were complicated to the bay team, Boston was definitely demonstrating that this for great things this year, would win the partial and continue to lead the game.

With the great performance of the Boston Celtics, Warriors had the game uphill and a lot of points on the scoreboard as a disadvantage, Celtics was finding its level and at the best time to do so against the defending champions, the last minutes of the game would end the benches of both teams, ends the 128-95 match with overwhelming victory for the Celtics over the Warriors.

Details and Personal Analysis

I must confess that before the game began, I talked to a family member about that if Boston wanted to demonstrate its competitive level it should win this game against the Warriors, because as all my readers and authentic NBA fans know, the last Celtics games were a complete disaster with an evident apathy and lack of energy, but somehow I thought that this was going to revert to Boston being such a talented team, so this game against the Warriors had a lot of expectation and they couldn't choose such an ideal moment as this, Boston with a high percentage of field made an almost perfect game, with Gordon Hayward as offensive leader in some of the best games of the year that I have been able to observe of the Boston Celtics, on the part of Warriors could not support the mood and offensive sending that showed Boston, Curry and Durant tried to discount but it was evident that the perspective of game for Celtics was one of the best of the year crushing the defending champion without any compassion, in one of his best victories of the year in regular season.

Best Performances

Gordon Hayward 30 Pts. 7 Reb. 4 Ast.
Kyrie Irving 19 Pts. 5 Reb. 11 Ast.
Jaylen Brown 18 Pts. 4 Reb.
Jayson Tatum 17 Pts. 5 Reb.

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