Another day to enjoy the best basketball in the world, this time we will analyze the Denver Nuggets against the Brooklyn Nets in a game that promises much for the competitiveness of the teams.

First Half

Nuggets opened the scoring with a hook by Jokic, Denver led the scoring and Jokic was the offensive engine of his team which scored from medium distance, Durant converted into penetration and got the foul, scored the additional free kick, Jokic converted an effective shot from the perimeter, Durant turned the ball into penetration, Nuggets would improve his defensive approach, Jokic assisted Dozier who scored from the board, Barton shot effectively from the perimeter, ending the fourth with Nuggets winning by 3 possessions.

Nuggets were having a high percentage of shots from the field which gave them an advantage on the scoreboard, Campazzo assisted Hartenstein who turned it over to the face of the defense and got the foul, missed the additional free kick, LeVert shot a basket acrobatically in penetration, Morris shot a penetrating tray and continued to give Nuggets the lead, then Durant responded with an effective shot from the perimeter, reducing the lead, LeVert penetrated by running an eurostep and got the basket, finishing the first half with a 16-point lead for Nuggets.

Second Half

Durant started to warm up the engines for Brooklyn and worked as the key offensive player of the team converting an effective shot from the perimeter and reducing the advantage to 10 points, then Harris got a shot from the 3 point line and brought the game closer to 2 poses for Brooklyn, Durant turned the ball over and kept reducing the margin, Harris converted an effective shot from the perimeter and gave the advantage to Nets, finishing the 3rd period with the game even.

JaMychal Green converted an effective shot from the perimeter and brought the Nuggets closer, Barton converted an effective shot from the perimeter, Jeff Green took a rebound and scored, Barton scored again from the 3-point line, Jokic assisted Morris who scored by board, Murray converted a float and gave the advantage to Nuggets, With 2 minutes left to play the duel was even, Brown converted a half-distance shot and gave Brooklyn the lead, then Durant would be the match bully with a half-distance shot and a shot from the perimeter that gave the Nets 122 - 116 victory over Nuggets.

Best Performances

Kevin Durant 34 Pts. 9 Reb. 13 Ast.
Caris LeVert 20 Pts. 5 Reb. 6 Ast.
Bruce Brown 16 Pts. 6 Reb. 3 Ast.

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