The big apple is ready from the local team, Madison Square Garden, to analyze the encounter between the New York Knicks and the aggressive Denver Nuggets in a duel that may have many alternatives in this Thursday's NBA stellar.

Game Summary

At the beginning of the duel was extremely balanced, with some friction between Morris and Jokic, Knicks slightly took the lead for 1 possession, Murray scored a float in transition and shortened the advantage for Nuggets, was a continuous exchange of baskets, the Knicks would win the first period for one possession.

Denver took advantage and led the game the first minutes of the fourth, Kevin Knox II converted an effective shot from the perimeter, then responded Malik Beasley with a shot of 3 points, Denver continued to take advantage by Monte Morris who in a quick break would overturn the ball, Paul Millsap scored from the perimeter, the Nuggets continued to accumulate a dangerous advantage of 20 digits, ends the first half 67 - 45 Nuggets up.

Second Half

Nuggets despite just entering the second half had the game fully controlled with a 23-digit marker advantage, Portis attacked the paint, overturned and got the foul, basketing the additional free, Will Barton converted the tray, Mitchell Robinson basketing acrobatically and got the foul, basketing the additional, Monte Morris scored midway and the scoreboard became increasingly broad, Nuggets won with authority the 3rd quarter of the duel with a wide advantage.

The dominance of Denver was total, Plumlee overturned the ball very easily, the defense of the Knicks was extremely non-existent, seemed a game of practice, Kevin Knox II scored a float but the advantage was for New York extremely complicated, especially with the low level of energy shown in the encounter, with 4 minutes to play the dominance was extreme and the players of the Denver bench had fun with the bulky advantage, ends the encounter 129 - 92 in a landslide victory of Nuggets over Knicks.

Details and Personal Analysis

I can say that games with a lot of advantage, especially when they are developed from the beginning, are not the kind of encounters I like, but this is unpredictable, when we prepare to observe and analyze a game we never know what will happen, of course we have an idea but necessarily not fully complied with.

In this encounter there was a total dominion of the Denver Nuggets over the Knicks, who have a defensive defensive system deficient and this is taking its toll on them, specifically evidenced in the ease with which the Nuggets attacked the basket, in addition to the fact that the Denver team is accustomed to being aggressive in offense, the Knicks showed no resistance and did not react either, the result was overwhelming by 37 digits in a victory with authority of Denver over New York that even before finishing the 3rd quarter could be decreed the triumph of Nuggets by the low level of intensity shown by the Knicks.

Best Performances

Will Barton 17 Pts. 2 Reb. 2 Ast.
Jerami Grant 16 Pts. 3 Reb. 1 Ast.
Monte Morris 15 Pts. 3 Reb. 6 Ast.

Leave me your impressions if you read the publication or enjoyed the encounter.