New Year and we continue thanks to God enjoying the best basketball in the world, where we will enjoy the encounter between Boston Celtics who have the potential but have had many ups and downs so far this season Vs Minnesota Timberwolves team which is trying to find its identity, on a new NBA night.

Game Summary

Horford hits the first 2 mid distance points, Rozier assists Tatum who converts near the basket, Tatum assists Rozier who dumps the ball alone, Rozier achieves an excellent basket in penetration, Wiggins basket a basket in penetration, Rozier converts an excellent tray, Yabusele turns and basket the basket, Young penetrates in quick break and basket a tray, Wiggins assists Saric who converts the basket, finishes the fourth 25 - 21 up Celtics.

Ojeleye scores an effective shot from the perimeter, Smart assists Ojeleye who dumps the ball, Horford hits a shot from half distance, Horford converts another excellent shot from half, Hayward hits an effective shot from the perimeter, Young basket 2 points in penetration, Wiggins basket from the 3 point line, Hayward penetrates and overturns the ball, Morris basket a great shot from the perimeter, Young basket in quick break, finishes the first half 60 - 42 Celtics up.

Second Half

Horford assists Hayward who basket a tray in penetration, Towns scores a basket in penetration and gets the foul, basket the additional, Hayward basket an effective shot from the perimeter, Hayward basket in medium distance, Young scores 2 points in penetration, Saric converts a shot from the perimeter and shortens the advantage, Hayward had a great night keeping the lead for the Celtics, Towns scores 2 points in penetration and gets the foul, Smart assists Hayward who dumps the ball, Towns scores a great shot from mid distance, finishes the 3rd quarter 87 - 81 up Celtics.

Smart assists Tatum with a big Alley-Oop, Horford hits an effective shot from the perimeter, Towns dumps the ball in the defender's face, Town hits an offensive rebound with a dump, Hayward hits a big shot from the perimeter, Hayward assists Horford with a big Alley-Oop, Brown assists Horford who leaves a basket on the board, Tolliver scores 3 points, Hayward scores an effective shot from the perimeter, Rozier assists Brown with an excellent Alley-Oop, ending the 115-102 match with victory for Celtics at home over Timberwolves.

Details and Personal Analysis

Boston Celtics playing without Kyrie Irving and resorting to their young stars showing the potential they already have, get the victory through the extraordinary contribution of Gordon Hayward who had a great offensive night and who we are glad to see that he can have this kind of performances again, after that tragic injury from which he is already recovered, defeating some Timberwolves who have not yet found their game identity and has not done very well in the wild west conference, excellent home victory for Boston.

Best Performances

Gordon Hayward 35 Pts. 5 Ast.
Terry Rozier 16 Pts. 5 Reb. 5 Ast.
Al Horford 15 Pts. 5 Reb. 4 Ast.

Leave me your impressions if you read the publication or enjoyed the game.