Wednesday of NBA to observe the perimetral team of the Houston Rockets, to face the Miami Heat, in a game that can become a great confrontation, everything will depend on the strategic approach that both teams assume.

Game Summary

Rockets would start by taking a wide 14-digit lead over the Heat, Miami's defense was not doing its job and Houston's efficient offense was impacting the encounter, Meyers Leonard was basketing an effective shot from the perimeter and diminishing the advantage, Kendrick Nunn was scoring from the 3-point line and Heat would continue to shorten the advantage, Westbrook would respond with a mid-distance shot, Miami would win the first period partial by 2 possessions.

Houston Rockets continued extending the advantage through a shot of Russell Westbrook average, Duncan Robinson basket from the line of 3 points to try to boost the reaction of Miami, James Harden took an effective shot from the perimeter and Rockets continued consolidating the difference in the scoreboard, this time it would be McLemore who would score from the perimeter area, responded Duncan Robinson long distance, finishes the first half 66 - 42 up Rockets.

Second Half

Houston took advantage of the mid distance shots as well as the shots from the perimeter, also increased its defensive level, Miami did not find the offensive way, drastically lowered their field percentages, Harden penetrated without difficulty the weak defense of Heat, Westbrook McLemore assisted who turned the ball into a fast break, Tyler Herró basket from the perimeter, but the difference was still wide, finishes the 3rd quarter with a wide advantage for the Rockets.

Rockets imposed their game against a Heat that were extremely ineffective, while the Texas team played at pleasure and at home, Harden scored away from the perimeter with his classic shot, the excellent defense of Houston maintained the advantage, Harden continued to do damage with his perimeter shot, Herró basket in penetration for Miami, but it was late and with 2 minutes to play the Rockets had absolute control of the game, ends the duel 117 - 108 in a clear domain of Houston over Miami.

Detail and Personal Analysis

The Rockets came out with a lot of energy playing at home, but Miami was never able to compete, their field percentages were extremely low, they could only win a 1-digit period, they were drastically surpassed by the Rockets, who not only had a high percentage that fueled their offensive, but they also executed an excellent defense that did not give any kind of facility to Miami.

This game was very similar to the one I analyzed the night before between Wizards Vs Nuggets, because of the absolute dominion that the Rockets had over Miami as well as the victory with authority that the Nuggets obtained over the Wizards.

As I mentioned the teams that do not raise their defensive level should forget about the playoffs, where only the teams that make a better balance between offense and defense, it was an easy victory for the Rockets against a Heat that did not look good, nor in defense, nor in offense.

Best Performances

James Harden 34 Pts. 6 Reb. 5 Ast.
Russell Westbrook 27 Pts. 9 Reb. 7 Ast.
Danuel House Jr. 23 Pts. 4 Reb. 2 Ast.

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