Another stellar day of NBA this Monday night to continue the clashes in the best league in the world, this time you see the Houston Rockets facing the New Orleans Pelicans in another high voltage duel.

Game Summary

The attacks at the beginning flowed in fast transitions, the effective shots from the perimeter also would be part of the offensive resource especially of New Orleans, contradictorily the Rockets played more in the painted zone, Redick would be the offensive axis in this quarter by the Pelicans and took advantage of 2 possessions, Rockets increased their defense and would be placed above, finishes the first quarter winning Houston by 3 possessions.

Rockets continued with their approach of game which gave them result and maintained an advantage of 8 digits, Pelicans began to discount by the offensive performance of Okafor in the painting, New Orleans with an excellent reaction, placed the game to 1 possession, Redick and Hart would be in charge of the offensive, would finish the first time 58 - 52 up Houston.

Second Half

Although Houston played a great offense, Pelicans applied their resources to try to discount and were placed at 5 digits through shots from the perimeter of Moore, the last 3 minutes of the 3rd period the encounter became very balanced, Rockets increased their volume of play improving their offense and defense, ends the 3rd quarter 90 - 82 Rockets above.

Pelicans did their best to get into the game again through Reddick who basketed an effective shot from the perimeter and got the foul, converted the additional, placed the game to 2 possessions, Houston responded through the great offensive of Harden, Rockets extended their advantage and complicated the game for New Orleans, ends the 122 - 116 match with victory for the Rockets over Pelicans.

Details and Personal Analysis

Houston began with quick breaks, exploiting in a clear way the internal game contrary to its usual perimeter game, New Orleans relied on the shots from the perimeter with JJ Redick as impulse in the attack, Houston improved its defensive level, discounted the advantage and won the partial by 7 digits and led the game. The Texas team followed the same pattern of play and managed to keep the distance from their opponent, New Orleans managed to impact the painted area through Jahlil Okafor who showed a great offensive performance in the area, the first half ended with Pelicans winning the partial by 1 possession, but Rockets led the game by 6 digits.

Rockets was making a match with good percentages of field better regulating their shots and combining the inner zone with the perimeter in the attack, New Orleans increased its energy both in defense and offense and tuned its shots from the perimeter through E'Twaun Moore who basketed consecutive baskets, but Houston rethought his game in the last minutes and would win the partial of the fourth by 2 digits and led the match by 3 possessions.

New Orleans made their greatest effort in the fourth period, and managed to discount through the good offensive action of JJ Redick, the game was a few digits away by the reaction of Pelicans. The response of the Rockets would arrive through James Harden who showed his offensive and liquidated the encounter to leave without opportunity to New Orleans, in a great victory for the Rockets where evidently diversified their offensive and found good results in that formula, which in my opinion should always apply and not rely excessively on the perimeter shot.

Best Performances

James Harden 39 Pts. 4 Reb. 9 Ast.
Russell Westbrook 26 Pts. 5 Reb. 4 Ast.
Clint Capela 11 Pts. 20 Reb. 1 Ast.

Leave me your impressions if you read the publication or enjoyed the encounter.