Memphis Grizzlies faced the perimeter Houston Rockets on Monday NBA night in an interesting game of Western conference rivals that each season is a real battle and teams strengthen their ranks.

Game Summary

Grizzlies started with excellent field percentages under the guidance of young base Morant but the Rockets perimetrals were not left behind and through their play mileage would equal the scoreboard, Harden with effective shots from the perimeter began to be a factor and Houston led the scoreboard, would finish the fourth winning Rockets by 2 possessions.

Memphis would readjust their game with a more aggressive offensive and quick transitions, would go up momentarily on the scoreboard, although Houston responded through the perimeter as usual and would equal the encounter, Grizzlies would increase its defensive level and through quick breaks took advantage of 2 possessions, Harden would fine tune their perimeter offensive and give Houston an advantage, finishes the first half 62 - 60 up Rockets.

Second Half

Grizzlies with great impetus showed a high level of competition and would discount the advantage through Morant's penetrations, the Rockets would do the same through McLemore's offensive from the perimeter and Harden's attack, Houston would take advantage of 11 digits, finish the 3rd period with Rockets dominating the partial and leading the game by 3 possessions.

Houston maintained the difference raising its defensive level and basketing with an excellent percentage from the perimeter the offensive impulse in this fourth would be Gordon and McLemore, with 3 minutes to play the Rockets had dominated the encounter, 107 - 100 would end the duel with victory of the Rockets over Grizzlies.

Details and Personal Analysis

Although Memphis was efficient in the first minutes of the game, Houston with its caliber of playoff team knew how to attack its rival, also with some space left by the Grizzlies, Rockets began to attack the perimeter still with medium percentages and still took the lead in the encounter in the first period.

The Grizzlies' aggressiveness and speed increased significantly in this quarter and would take advantage in the game, for a very short time because the Houston snipers would line up with James Harden as the main impulse, although it was evident the improvement in the defense of Memphis, Rockets would win the first half for a possession.

Grizzlies were getting off to an excellent start in the quarterfinals and showed their claw and future potential, the Rockets' wisdom with Harden and McLemore as main snipers dominating the quarter and taking the lead on the scoreboard. In the final space of the encounter the Houston defense became more consistent and hindered the offensive work of the Grizzlies, the faces in the attack of this period would be Erin Gordon and Ben McLemore by the Rockets who would take control of the game and get the victory over Grizzlies.

Best Performances

James Harden 44 Pts. 10 Reb. 6 Ast.
Erin Gordon 16 Pts. 5 Reb. 1 Ast.
Danuel House Jr. 15 Pts. 9 Reb. 1 Ast.

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