Minnesota Timberlwolves hosts the Miami Heat at home in a date that deserves attention to the emerging young talents of both team on the one hand Wiggins and Towns and on the other Nunn and Winslow, will be a Sunday with another stellar NBA night.

Game Summary

With an exchange of baskets would begin the confrontation both teams still did not fine-tune the defense, the game became extremely balanced, with effective penetrations of Heat and throws from the perimeter of Timberwolves, Karl Anthony Towns was the offensive axis by Minnesota with effective shots from the perimeter, ends the first quarter winning Timberwolves by 13 digits.

Minnesota gave more defensive intensity to the encounter restricting Miami in the offensive aspect maintaining the advantage, the Heat had a hard time configuring the attack and therefore they were complicated to gestate a certain reaction, Miami would boost the reaction with a couple of good offensive baskets and discounted the advantage to 2 possessions, would continue the good streak of Miami with effective shots from the perimeter, winning the quarter partial and going to lead the encounter, would finish the first half 57 - 55 up Miami.

Second Half

Miami continued with the same impulse and energy that made them react maintaining the advantage of 2 possessions, Timberwolves was looking to find his game and adjust, Adebayo executed an excellent job on both sides of the internal zone providing defense and offense, Timberwolves was trying to discount through the perimeter, finishes the third quarter leading Heat by 3 possessions.

Dragic would begin to be a factor from the 3rd quarter and now in the last period in the Miami offensive by means of penetrations and shots from the perimeter, Timberwolves would discount and equalize the scoreboard, although Miami continued to execute effectively from the perimeter, the encounter was very balanced with the equalized scoreboard, but Wiggins would arrive with 3 continuous effective shots from the perimeter and would give Minnesota an advantage, would finish the encounter 116 - 109 with Minnesota's victory over Miami.

Details and Personal Analysis

The game began extremely balanced with exchange of baskets from the teams but minutes later Timberwolves would take the lead by leaning on the perimeter and the excellent attacking performance of Anthony Towns from the perimeter. But Miami would react later in the second period by bombarding the defense from the perimeter with effective shots, where they would not only equal the game if they did not take the lead through the big game setting, winning the first half of the game.

For the second half the Heat raised the match as they had resulted in the reaction and did not slow down the pace, maintaining the advantage, Minnesota tried to discount but the defense of Miami prevented them from being comfortable in that aspect of the duel, the Heat continued to lead the match. Dragic would be the offensive face of Miami in great part of this period of time, but the reaction of the Timberwolves allowed them to equal the encounter, where the balance and the exchange of baskets remained, would arrive the lethal offensive of Andrew Wiggins to define the game and with 3 effective shots from the perimeter would be the key factor of the game for the triumph in the closing of Timberwolves on the Heat.

Best Performances

Andrew Wiggins 25 Pts. 6 Reb.
Karl Anthony Towns 23 Pts. 11 Reb. 4 Ast.
Jeff Teague 21 Pts. 1 Reb. 8 Ast.

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