Emotion and expectation for all lovers and fans of the best league in the world, in the game #1 of the NBA finals where there will be a clash of heavyweights between Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors, in a great night to enjoy.

Game Summary

Raptors playing in front of their public began with a lot of energy their first NBA finals and took some advantage over the defending champions the Golden State Warriors who followed closely to Toronto, Raptors continued to take advantage by shooting from the perimeter, would finish the first quarter with Raptors winning the partial by 2 possessions.

The encounter took a lot of rhythm and the teams showed their best level with rapid transitions applying a lot of defense, but the margin of the Raptors remained the same by 2 possessions and the game was very interesting, Warriors increased the speed of play and would go up by the minimum, but Raptors insisted on their excellent level of attack and took the lead again, finishes the first half 59 - 49 Raptors up.

Second Half

Warriors accelerated their offensive in the 3rd quarter trying to diminish the advantage, but Raptors made a great game approach and continued feeding their offensive through the defense and did not allow Warriors to discount, the offensive guides were Leonard and Siakam by the Raptors, would finish the 4th and Warriors win the partial by 1 possession but Raptors continued leading the game.

The Raptors' defensive level continued to increase and was key to Toronto's advantage, Siakam was having a dream night with a great and effective offensive, Warriors were looking for the formula to counter but the defense by Toronto was being a key factor in the excellent execution of the game and closing of the Canadian team, would end the encounter 118 - 109 with a great victory in their first game of the finals for the Toronto Raptors over Golden State Warriors.

Details and Personal Analysis

Great first game of the NBA finals, what many fans and lovers of the best league in the world expected, we were preparing to watch the 2 teams with the best level this season in the league, was a great clash between the 2 rivals with more hierarchy since their respective conferences, the game began with an excellent performance by both franchises, although the Warriors went out to the field with an aggressive attack, the Raptors counter in great shape and would win the first quarter, Warriors sought to discount on the scoreboard but Toronto continued to increase its defense and would take advantage of 10 digits at the end of the first half. As many of us know and analyze NBA the 3rd quarter is where the Warriors apply and usually accelerate their offensive and defense to beat their rivals and Toronto knew, so they greatly raised their defensive intensity to stop the Warriors and achieved it although Warriors won the fourth by only 2 digits, the Raptors still leading the scoreboard. But the closing of the Canadian team with its excellent defense and the offensive of Siakam and Leonard were decisive for the Raptors to get a big win at home over the Golden State Warriors in this valuable victory.

Best performances

Pascal Siakam 32 Pts. 8 Reb. 5 Ast.
Kawhi Leonard 23 Pts 8 Reb. 5 Ast.
Marc Gasol 20 Pts. 7 Reb. 1 Ast.

Leave me your impressions if you read the publication or enjoyed the encounter.