Key game for both teams, Golden State Warriors can not lose because it plays life and Toronto Raptors to win would get the NBA championship, will be a high tension game for all amateur NBA lovers in the world.

Game Summary

The encounter would begin with Warriors taking the lead, life was played in this duel and could not lose, Raptors also deployed their game and continued near Golden State, for this encounter was reactivated Durant who began being effective, Warriors wins the first quarter by 3 possessions.

In the first minutes of the fourth Raptors would begin to discount and Durant would resent the injury and had to leave the field of play, Cousins worked as an offensive impulse of the Warriors and took advantage trying to escape on the scoreboard, Gasol would convert an effective shot from the perimeter and shorten the advantage, continued Toronto improving its approach and would approach 3 possessions ends the first half 56 - 62 up Warriors.

Second Half

Raptors would have a great reaction in the opening minutes of the second half, but Warriors would readjust their balance, with defense and greater effectiveness would counter Toronto and get a new advantage, although the Raptors would return to play through a game of quick transitions, ends the fourth with the Warriors winning the partial and leading the encounter.

The defense of the Raptors would intensify in this last period and shorten the advantage to a possession, the game would take more level and Warriors tried to stand up face but the jewel of the crown Kawhi Leonard activated the killer mode with great effectiveness in key moments, but Warriors in a low defensive Raptors would return with 3 consecutive shots from the perimeter and would take the lead of the encounter, having a great close in which they would get the victory 105 - 106 over the Raptors.

Details and Personal Analysis

The Warriors went out to the field of play this time with the reactivation of Durant and took the lead on the scoreboard, but this lasted them very little because Durant resented his injury again in a play where he marked Ibaka, then at the entrance of Cousins who was doing good work Warriors maintained leadership on the scoreboard for some possessions and would go to rest with a partial victory over the Raptors who followed them closely. In the beginning of the second half Raptors would have a reaction, but the Warriors knew how to contain it, intensified their defense and stopped the sending of his rival, when we entered the last quarter Raptors raised their defensive level and through an offensive lapse of Kawhi Leonard who was unstoppable Raptors went up by 3 possessions, but in a dead time requested by Nurse the Raptors technician this did them more harm than good and in a few minutes in an evident defensive drop of the Raptors with 3 shots from the perimeter the Warriors went up and Toronto could not get field shots, the Golden State closing was very good which gave them victory and another life to return home and continue competing for the championship.

Best Performances

Stephen Curry 31 Pts. 8 Reb. 7 Ast.
Klay Thompson 26 Pts. 6 Reb. 4 Ast.
DeMarcus Cousins 14 Pts. 6 Reb. 1 Ast.

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