3rd attractive and interesting game of the final series, in a series that until now is extremely equal to 1 game per side, will be a great night to see who of the teams takes the lead in the series, but this time in the bay of San Francisco.

Game Summary

Raptors would begin with a patient but very intelligent offensive with an excellent percentage of shot, would take advantage in the scoreboard, Warriors sought to discount through the perimeter but were not basketing the open shots, unlike Toronto who were being more precise with their shots from the perimeter, ends the fourth with the Raptors winning by 3 possessions.

The approach of the Raptors was being very effective and continued to extend the advantage through a balanced defense and an efficient offensive game, Warriors took time to readjust their game but kept the effort basketed some key shots and discounted the advantage, finishes the first half 60 - 52 up Raptors.

Second Half

The second half went up in level and competitive intensity, the Raptors improved their rhythm and the Warriors also in a battle that was evident, also with the increase in the defensive strategy, Leonard and Lowry were being the offensive soul of Toronto both with a great performance, would continue to have a high percentage from the perimeter with 2 continuous shots from Danny Green, Raptors wins the partial of the fourth and would take advantage by taking the lead of the encounter.

The defensive level of Raptors was optimal and the balance in the offensive was extremely equitable, this time with Danny Green and Ibaka contributing from the bench to the cause of Toronto, Warriors was left this last quarter to discount but the great game of the Raptors made difficult the task, with a minute to play Toronto had mastery of the encounter, would end the duel with a great victory for the Raptors 123 - 109 over the Warriors.

Details and Personal Analysis

It was an extremely intelligent approach of game on the part of the Raptors, who have demonstrated that they know how to play of excellent form of visitors, Warriors began to lack figures, they did not have neither Thompson nor Durant, but they activated from the second game of the final series to Cousins who in spite of returning of an injury was playing well and contributing to his equipment. From the beginning the Raptors were patient and marked an excellent percentage in their offensive efficiency, balancing with a good defense, Leonard and Lowry had a great performance, like Danny Green and Ibaka who from the bench made a great contribution, the good defense of the Raptors closing the perimeter to the Warriors made an obvious effect and stopped the offensive Golden State, it should be noted that Toronto won every quarter without exception, was a great victory for the Raptors who are ahead 2 - 1 in the final round of the NBA on the Warriors.

Best Performances

Kawhi Leonard 30 Pts. 7 Reb. 6 Ast.
Kyle Lowry 23 Pts. 4 Reb. 9 Ast.
Pascal Siakam 18 Pts. 9 Reb. 6 As

Leave me your impressions if you read the publication or enjoyed the encounter.