I decided to record occasionally a series called NBA Fragments, where I analyze some details of players that can change the game, we know that we all like to talk and focus more on the superstars of the league, but I believe that certain role players who often come from the bench can be very important and turn around a basketball game.

This series also came about and will be a tribute to the great Kobe Bryant who had a series of shows on ESPN called Detail.

I hope you enjoy this new podcast, those who love sports especially NBA basketball I count on your support, I will be creating a channel on Youtube and also in the different special platforms for podcast as Soundcloud, Anchor, Spreakers and Ivoox, I will leave all the links for you to select the one of your preference and enjoy the content:

Spreaker https://www.spreaker.com/episode/47696649

Ivoox https://go.ivoox.com/rf/78889265



I hope you like and are eager to support this new proposal, so you can leave your comments about what you think of this new work, to establish an excellent feedback.

Note: the only detail as you may have noticed is that the podcast is in my native language Spanish and my English speaking friends will find it hard to understand my analysis, but do not worry because I will also be publishing the written version in English in Scorum, likewise I know that I will receive all the support from the community with this new project.

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