Wednesdays of the NBA and the league make our nights happy again, we definitely missed basketball and all the incredible content that is generated around this discipline, today we will enjoy the Brooklyn Nets in a duel against the Boston Celtics.

Game Impressions and Analysis

The match would start with the Nets taking the lead on the scoreboard although Celtics would balance their game extremely fast and tie the action, the first half would end with Celtics winning by 9 digits.

Celtics would take a dangerous lead for the Nets in the first minutes of the 18-digit 2nd quarter, Boston diversified their play from the perimeter and in the inner zone and continued to accumulate more advantage, Nets struggled to regain their rhythm of play and we would go into halftime with a comfortable lead for Celtics.

Boston were still on course to take the game, the Nets were not reacting and Celtics kept the great advantage they were building, with no news the third period was taken by Boston by 29 digits.

The game would be completely dominated by the Boston Celtics without any response from the Nets, who were extremely apathetic and blurred, the rest of the minutes that would be played, would be of protocol, Boston Celtics defeated the Brooklyn Nets 149 - 115 in a crushing victory.

Best Performances

Jaylen Brown 21 Pts. 4 Reb 2 Ast.
Jayson Tatum 19 Pts. 2 Reb 2 Ast.
Gordon Hayward 18 Pts. 7 Reb. 3 Ast.
Robert Williams III 18 Pts. 5 Reb. 2 Ast.

Give me your impressions and opinions about the game and we'll set up a great interaction.