Another new episode of Fragments, podcast about the NBA and high level basketball, do not miss everything I leave in this content what has been and will be decisive for the coronation of the future NBA champion this season.

Here I talk with analysis and summary of everything related to what has happened in the NBA in the conference finals and semifinals in general, everything I talk about in the podcast in Spanish I leave written for those who are loyal readers.

We reached the point of being able to enjoy the 4 best teams in the NBA currently in the league semifinals and conference finals, for their part Lakers defeated last season's champions the Warriors 4 - 2, Nuggets did the same against Suns 4 - 2 and in the eastern conference Celtics defeated the 76ers in game 7, the Heat eliminated the Knicks 4 - 2.

When I say that we have reached one of the most important games is because we will know who will be the next NBA champion this season, the team that has broken all the predictions has been the Miami Heat, but the Lakers are also in that line because a few months ago even they did not think they would be in the position they are in the conference finals.

Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics

Contrary to what many of us thought the Heat are giving a lesson in determination to play as a team led by the nemesis or messiah Jimmy Butler who was recharging all his energy for these decisive moments, I confess it has been a pleasure to watch Butler play, some say that Jimmy is the hidden son of Michael Jordan, but in the playoffs he has become a kind of Jordan, although I must say that Butler has marked his own identity, he has become a smarter player and keeps time like a true Swiss watchmaker, converting key baskets in the decisive moments.

But the complement that is the team is not far behind Adebayo has been imposing in the paint, taking rebounds and scoring baskets forcefully, a revelation in the absence of Tyler Hero, has been Caleb Martin who stepped forward and has become the ideal squire of Butler this young player has a lot of talent and is proving it in these conference finals. Other players who have also been key factors are Gabe Vincent, Duncan Robinson, Max Struss, as well as the experienced Kyle Lowry.

But the most important thing is that Miami Heat is doing something fundamental and that is that they have armored their defense, this has boosted their offense and that is why they have managed to take a 2 - 0 lead against Celtics and the most difficult as visitors.

In the first game of the Heat at home and logically Celtics as visitors Miami would continue with an overwhelming pace and this time with greater intensity taking a good advantage on the scoreboard, Celtics were lost against a Heat that were determined to win, everyone gave Celtics advantage over the Heat especially the bookmakers but the Heat was being forceful in the 3rd game took a wide advantage Butler, Adebayo, Vincent and Robinson are playing at a high level with the mentality of reaching the finals, they have completely dried the Celtics offense with the great strategy of their coach Spoelstra, in this game from the third quarter the teams placed their benches to play for the wide advantage that took the Heat who won the 3rd game without major problems placing the series 3 - 0 over Celtics.

Game 4 of the series Celtics had to win to survive although the Heat continued to show resources in their game the first 3 quarters the game would be very close, Boston would improve their defense substantially and sealed the high volume offense that the Heat team was having, in addition to this Jayson Tatum would raise his game being the offensive leader of the Celtics, in the 4th period Boston had control of the game and extend the series to take it back home.

Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers

This series faced the number 1 team in the western conference, the Nuggets against the Lakers who had been climbing from 7th place in the standings, the Nuggets in these first 2 home games played solid basketball led by their stars Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray, although the Lakers have a great team and have the formula to compete in these duels that despite everything have been close but the Nuggets have used their resources to take advantage, the contribution of Porter Jr, Caldwell Pope, Bruce Brown and Aaron Gordon have been key complements to the team to obtain these first victories.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have had outstanding performances but the young player who has shown his potential for the Los Angeles Nuggets has been Austin Reeves who has been a key factor for the Lakers to reach this point, Los Angeles will have to make adjustments for the home games and try to balance the series against the Nuggets who look comfortable with their game.

The Los Angeles Nuggets were ready to show why they qualified as first in their conference, Lakers were keeping the score close James and Davis were reluctant to lose another game as was Reeves but the high volume play of Murray and Jokic would give the Nuggets their 3rd straight win and just one game away from reaching the finals.

The 4th game of this series would be the most hard-fought one, Jokic was still in an impressive level contributing not only with his offense and converting several incredible shots from the perimeter, but also with excellent passes, Murray also kept his great level scoring key baskets, Aaron Gordon was backing them up, he was stepping up not only in offense but also in defense, it was LeBron James best game, Lakers took the lead but then Nuggets due to their excellent play took control of the game, James had the last shot in his hands to tie but the great defense of Nuggets gave them the victory and the pass to the finals.

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