Exclusive and elegant NBA night to enjoy the duel between Portland Trail Blazers and the Phoenix Suns, in a very interesting encounter with natural rivals of the western conference.

Game Summary

The Suns would have a very energetic start and took advantage on the scoreboard with 10 digits advantage, Trail Blazers were somewhat lagging behind, waiting for some reaction, Portland would discount and approach 2 possessions, Kent Bazemore would basket an effective shot from the perimeter, Diario Saric would respond with a shot from the 3-point line, Jevon Carter would convert a mid-distance shot, Anfernee Simons scored a tray in penetration, CJ McCollum penetrated and converted the basket, Carmelo Anthony scored an effective shot from the perimeter, finished the 1st quarter winning Phoenix by 8 digits.

Phoenix maintained the advantage, Hassan Whiteside penetrated and overturned with forcefulness, Frank Kaminsky scored a half hook in penetration, Anthony Tolliver responded and converted an effective shot from the perimeter in transition, Cameron Johnson scored from the line of 3 points, Kaminsky assisted Saric and basket getting the foul, Damian Lillard responded with a shot from the perimeter, Cameron Johnson assisted Kelly Oubre Jr. Using an alley-opp, CJ McCollum basketing a shot from the perimeter, Kelly Oubre Jr. Volcaba the ball in penetration, finished the first half 59 - 67 up Phoenix.

Second Half

Trail Blazers discounted the advantage to 2 possessions, CJ McCollum scored an effective shot from the perimeter, Damian Lillard assisted Carmelo Anthony and basket a great basket in penetration reducing the advantage, Ricky Rubio scored a tray in penetration, McCollum basket a float in fast break, McCollum returned this time with a shot from the 3-point line, Hassan Whiteside scored a hook near the hoop, Aron Baynes responded with a shot from the perimeter, finished the third period winning Portland by 1 possession.

Hassan Whiteside assisted Carmelo Anthony and the volcaba in penetration, Carmelo Anthony scored an effective shot from the perimeter, Damian Lillard scored a shot from medium distance, Aron Baynes responded with a shot from the line of 3 points, Hassan Whiteside was assisted by Bazemore and the volcaba, the duel was led by Trail Blazers by 2 possessions and became absolutely competitive the encounter, Kelly Oubre Jr. He scored a shot from the perimeter and received a foul, scored the additional free kick and gave advantage to Phoenix, Damian Lillard scored a basket in penetration and got the foul, scored the free kick, ended the match 111 - 110 with a great victory of Trail Blazers over Suns.

Details and Personal Analysis

It was an absolutely competitive game, like the kind of games I usually enjoy, the first half was more dominated by The Suns who came out highly motivated at home and through Kelly Oubre Jr. and Frank Kaminsky who were the main engines of the Phoenix offensive, took the lead by making a good first half.

In the second half the Trail Blazers won the partial of the 3rd quarter by 10 digits where the contribution and reaction of McCollum, Lillard and Carmelo Anthony appeared, making an observation about Carmelo his return has been very positive not only for his self-esteem but for the basketball lovers who have enjoyed his game, Melo is assuming in a very correct way his new role in the team contributing with all the basketball he still has to contribute unlike his time in Oklahoma.

The last period would be the most balanced of all and the most attractive and interesting, both teams showed their desire to win and it was not until the last second with the contribution Whiteside, Lillard, Anthony and McCollum that the Trail Blazers set Portland's goal in victory, Ricky Rubio and Kelly Oubre Jr. were the ones who executed the offensive for the Suns, but the game would be defined by an excellent defense of Portland over Phoenix with only a digit of difference, sealing a great encounter.

Best Performances

CJ McCollum 30 Pts. 7 Reb. 6 Ast.
Damian Lillard 27 Pts. 1 Reb. 5 Ast.
Carmelo Anthony 23 Pts. 8 Reb. 1 Ast.

Leave me your impressions if you read the publication or enjoyed the encounter.