An encounter that would be special because the Argentine Emanuel Ginobili's t-shirt would be retired who had 16 years of successful career being faithful to the Spurs, achieving 4 championships of the NBA, would face the Cleveland Cavaliers already eliminated of the following phase in a duel against the San Antonio Spurs in a night that would be remembered by all the fans of the Spurs and of the NBA in general.

Game Summary

Special Encounter came a great tribute but the teams, would begin with a high competitive level, there was much balance in the duel, was so closed the scoreboard that would end just by difference of 1 possession, leading the Spurs the partial and the encounter.

The tone of the match would remain the same, the game became extremely attractive despite the fact that the Cavs had no chance of going to the playoffs but were making an excellent game, like the Spurs who if they were preparing warming up the engines for the next phase, Cavs would take advantage, finish the first half 53 - 44.

Special Second Half

Manu Ginobili would be talked about by his closest friends in the Argentine national team about anecdotes and stories of Manu.

Cavs would start to gear up and take some advantage, they would look like an improved team compared to their bad start to the season but they showed what they could do, but the Spurs didn't want to spoil the special night and they would discount the advantage they would win the 3rd quarter by one possession and still lead the match.

The match was extremely even with a great balance to make the night even more attractive and the Cavs were still competing in an interesting duel against the Spurs, the game would be defined at the end, for the one who made fewer mistakes, Spurs were doing a better job and would take the match 116 - 110 on the Cavs.

Tribute and retreat of t-shirt #20 in San Antonio of Manu Ginobili.

Details and Personal Analysis

The game would be the perfect framework for the retirement of one of the most successful Latin American players of all time, the humble and energetic Manu Ginobili, who achieved everything in the NBA with the San Antonio Spurs, 4 amazing NBA championships with a nucleus of players who will be remembered in the history of this great sport such as basketball.

The match would be very competitive despite the fact that the Cavs no longer had the possibility of classification, but would show that for the next campaign could be a team to take into account, the partial of the first half would win the Cavs who took things seriously before some Spurs who lived on their stage a special night, from the second half the Spurs began to raise their level of play and begin to discount the advantage that kept the Cavs taking the partial of the 3rd quarter and where they would be placed in front of the match, the final period would be much more competitive and the teams would raise the level with much intensity, we were before a closed game that would be defined in the last minutes or seconds, and so it would be the Spurs had a better closing than the team of Cleveland and would get the victory by little margin over the Cavs in the special night of the retirement of the shirt of one of the best players who would have gone through the franchise of the San Antonio Spurs.

Then it would be the Manu Ginobili T-shirt retirement ceremony where his closest friends and teammates would be with his wife and children. It was a very emotional night full of praise for the Spurs number 20 for all the achievements and victories he could achieve in his 16 years of NBA career.

Tony Parker, Fabricio Oberto, Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan took the floor and to finish Manu Ginobili himself, it was a night where all the authentic fans of basketball and the NBA will not forget because he was paid homage in life and the shirt of one of the best Latin American players in the world was retired.

Best Performances

DeMar DeRozan 25 Pts. 8 Ast.
Bryn Forbes 19 Pts. 6 Reb. 4 Ast.
Marco Belinelli 16 Pts. 2 Ast.

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