Star night of NBA where we will enjoy the defensive game of San Antonio Spurs Vs. The perimeter trend of the Houston Rockets in a Texas duel that will give us more great plays and fun of the best league.

Game Summary

The balance in the encounter was present, the scoreboard was extremely equal in the first minutes, Rockets would go up in the scoreboard, Lyles got a shot from half distance and shortened the advantage to 2 possessions, Patty Mills scored an effective shot from the perimeter and also got the foul, basketing the additional, finished the first quarter winning Spurs by 1 possession.

Rockets would recover the advantage with the throws from the perimeter by McLemore who basketed 2 consecutive and became the initial engine of the Houston offensive in the second period, Capela would take a rebound and overturn aggressively, Harden would basket a great shot from the perimeter, and Rockets continued to take advantage on the scoreboard, Poeltl basketed in penetration and got the foul, without basketing the additional, Rudy Gay left a tray and found the foul, converted the additional, finished the first half 63 - 59 up Houston.

Second Half

Rockets took advantage, James Harden basketing from the perimeter effectively and began to lead the scoring as usual, Tucker would steal the ball would assist McLemore who would basket a tray, Tucker also basketing from the 3-point line, Derrick White scored a tray and got the foul, basketing the additional, Austin Rivers also joined the party of the three pointers and basketing from the perimeter extending the advantage of the Rockets, Rivers would be a determining offensive factor in this quarter, finishes the 3rd period winning Rockets by 17 digits.

Houston maintained the advantage and James Harden continued basketing from the perimeter, Walker IV made a quick break and overturned the ball, Derrick White placed a tray and reduced the advantage 12 digits, Walker IV stole the ball overturned it alone and reduced the advantage to 4 possessions, Bryn Forbes shot an effective shot from the perimeter and kept reducing the advantage to 3 possessions, Walker IV scored from the 3-point line and reduced the advantage to 3 digits, then he would basket again and equal the match, we would go to extra time.

Extra Time

Spurs took the lead by 1 possession, DeRozan basketing from medium distance, DeRozan again converted, James Harden basketing in penetration and got the foul, scored the free kick and equalised the match, followed the parity and went to the second extra time.

2nd Extra Time

James Harden stole the ball and got a foul with direct access to the hoop, basketing the free throws and kept possession, DeRozan basketing and returned to equalize the duel, ends the match 133 - 135 with a victory in a tough battle of Spurs over Rockets.

Details and Personal Analysis

It was a match that began with a lot of balance but then the Rockets were taking an obvious advantage, when finishing the first half Houston would go to the break leading the scoreboard by 2 possessions.

Rockets totally dominated the 3rd quarter, but a defensive drop of Houston and increase in the attack by the Spurs gave an overwhelming partial to the Texas team in the last quarter, who equalized the encounter taking it to extra time being Lonnie Walker IV factor who not only led the attack but also made a great defense.

In the 2 extra times that lasted the encounter as a kind of Christmas bonus, the Spurs closed better and took the victory before the Rockets, it should be noted that it was one of the worst games of Russell Westbrooks who had a very poor percentage of field.

Best Performances

Lonnie Walker IV 28 Pts. 4 Reb.
Bryn Forbes 25 Pts. 2 Reb. 4 Ast.
DeMar DeRozan 23 Pts. 5 Reb. 9 Ast.

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