Attractive game to watch and analyze Los Angeles Clippers making a visit to San Antonio Spurs, where Kawhi Leonard and his new team come to their old home, in a duel that promises to be interesting.

Game Summary

The encounter had an extremely balanced beginning with a closed marker between both teams, the defensive Clippers showed a high level and that aspect fed the offensive of the California team, taking advantage of 6 digits, Spurs were somewhat uncomfortable but would react in the last minute of the fourth, ends the first period winning the partial Clippers by 1 possession.

San Antonio continued with the reaction and took advantage on the scoreboard, Clippers would rethink his game and regain the advantage through the offensive of Kawhi Leonard who was basketing from half distance getting the foul and basketing the additional free kick, Bryn Forbes would respond with an effective shot from half distance, in a duel that remained extremely closed by 1 digit, Spurs raised its defensive level and the game strategy was marked by good defense, finishes the first half equalized 53 - 53 .

Second Half

The match became increasingly interesting, highly competitive, Derrick White basketing an effective shot from the perimeter and gave Spurs a one-digit advantage, LaMarcus Alridge basketing from mid-distance, San Antonio continued to refine its offensive and take advantage on the scoreboard, Patty Mills basketing from the perimeter and Spurs had a 9-digit lead, Spurs winning the fourth partial and leading the match.

The great defensive work gave sustainable benefits to the Spurs who continued adding in the scoreboard, Derrick White basketing an effective shot from the perimeter, Paul George responded from the perimeter zone, but San Antonio counterattacked with DeRozan and Forbes again followed sweets from the perimeter and extended the advantage, ends the match with an excellent victory 107 - 97 Spurs over Clippers.

Details and Personal Analysis

It was a game focused on good defense and where the team that knew how to counter through the search for offensive spaces began to take advantage in this case San Antonio, despite the Clippers were ahead on the scoreboard, Spurs reacted in the last minutes of the first quarter, the first half of the duel was closed scoreboard.

In the third quarter the Spurs began to refine the aim from the perimeter zone bombing the Clippers from that area and winning with authority that quarter by 11 digits. In the last part the Los Angeles team tried to recover but the time was their enemy and it was late, the good defense of the Spurs and their great offensive gave them victory against the Clippers, in a game that at the beginning had a closed marker, Los Spurs take oxygen, as they have not started the campaign very well, but still with margin for recovery, as we are in the first months of competition.

Best Performances

LaMarcus Alridge 17 Pts. 8 Reb. 7 Ast.
Derrick White 17 Pts. 3 Reb. 3 Ast.
DeMar DeRozan 15 Pts. 9 Reb. 5 Ast.

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