The NBA continues to bring fans closer to the players, they can learn more about their teams and the performance of their players.

In addition, the NBA last season had records and global fan participation (more than 1 billion spectators watched games at some point).

Television and the NBA have consolidated their agreements to bring the best basketball in the world to every corner of the globe.

Here are a few interesting points where the NBA and technology make the most of their fans:

NBA League Pass

This great package to watch all NBA games is not only available to enjoy the games on TV with the cable companies that offer this system in different countries around the world, it is also their live streaming product that allows fans to watch the games in all markets. The league also installed additional cameras on all courts and introduced Mobile View, which offers tighter angles for smaller screens; today, more than one-third of subscribers see through handheld devices.

Mobile devices have replaced comfort and different TV factors for watching matches anywhere in streaming, with a good internet connection. They are also exploring the possibility of streaming one game per week throughout the season in Virtual Reality (VR) for League Pass subscribers and introducing NBA AR, a virtual app for the iPhone, and NBA InPlay, a fantasy game synchronized with live streaming.

Sports Clothing

The sportswear brand took over the NBA's official garments, winning the duel with Adidas and bringing new ideas to please the American public even more.

They introduced a micro chip with which followers can keep up to date by simply connecting their mobile phone to it. Therefore, just by bringing the phone closer to the NBA label on each t-shirt, fans can synchronize the official application where they will get the best videos of their player and chosen franchise when buying it.

Nike wanted their idea to go perfectly, so they hired Apple to make the microchip that would be integrated into the top of the garment. It took them several months, but they finally got what they wanted, something not uncomfortable to play basketball with and that can be washed without any problems.

Social Networks

The NBA has a presence in all the existing social networks in the planet, they have a presence in Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, really the marketing of this league is unbeatable.


Now with the arrival of the blockchain this whole world of betting in the NBA becomes very interesting and much more extensive, there are already many pages where we can bet with cryptocurrencies, without any restrictions, and up to 1 hour before the game.

In fact, our Scorum platform is already on the way to implementing online betting in this space, and many of the pioneering users on this platform are looking forward to it very much, this could be a great success and is what many of us envision.

Video games

The NBA and the video games that cover its field, have been a great success, there are countless titles on different consoles, which have been part of our enjoyment over time, and that is that we have spent many hours embodying great online games, or simply competing against artificial intelligence, which increasingly poses us greater challenges, in my last publication I made a review of what I think is the best video game simulator on the planet the NBA2K, here I leave the link for those who could not read that publication:

I think this interesting publication could be extended in future posts, because the NBA is constantly being updated as it has a large number of fans around the globe and needs to keep up with the developments and reaffirm that it is the best league in the world.

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