The era of the 90's was very interesting for NBA basketball and for music, but I want to highlight what corresponds to basketball because it involves a mystique that motivated not only those of us who were starting to play, but also NBA players, there were figures like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Karen Addul Jabbar, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon and many athletes of the discipline that placed their name in the basketball elite.

I can remember that in those years in my neighborhood we talked about a certain Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson but we didn't even know what they were like, there was very little NBA coverage in my country at that time, my first games I was able to watch on one of the state channels that came to broadcast some interesting games of Lakers, Bulls, Jazz and TrailBlazers.

As a writer not only of sports but of various topics which I can develop, that time represents the moment when I took love to basketball, not only the NBA but to play it every day in high school and everywhere where there was a basketball court.

At that time we also enjoyed seeing our first national, one of the best defenders of the Houston Rockets, Carl Herrera Allen, reach the NBA, champion twice with the Rockets in the NBA, besides being a stronghold and important piece of the national team of Venezuela, those years were great, there was a more physical game and basketball was played with a lot of grit, I'm not saying that now it is not played well, but many game situations have changed, but I still enjoy this great discipline.

When I see films like Above the Rim recommended for those who have not seen this film, it captures the basketball scene of the 90's in fact it is from 1994 and the ways they show the yearning of a talented player to reach the NBA and everything he has to deal with in the streets and what comes his way, makes the film not only entertaining but also captures aspects of the era.

Another interesting film from the 90's is Heaven Is a Playground has an interesting theme where a basketball coach concentrates the best prospects of the neighborhood in a local court and does everything possible to give them discipline to take them to college basketball programs, then follows a story that unleashes other aspects, it is from 1991 so I recommend that you remove the cobwebs from some internet site where you can download it and enjoy.

There are many films in that era and it would be endless to name them all, there is an essence and a mystique that developed during those years that made basketball more universal, the NBA had a lot to do due to the great impetus that gave to the discipline with these great figures disputing the highest competition with all the teams that make life in the NBA and that created a real culture around basketball.

Of these years there are many details but it is complicated to bring them all in a podcast or a publication for a sports post, what I do know is that this era for those who lived it will remain forever as the defining years in the mysticism that was created for basketball to be a fundamental part of our lives.

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