Monday night we will enjoy the game of the Dallas Mavericks young team with the talented Doncic, in the duel against the Canadian team of Toronto Raptors in a game that will be a luxury on the special day of Martin Luther King.

First Half

Kyle Lowry converted an effective shot from the perimeter and Raptors took the lead, Brunson assists Porzingis who scores a half-court shot, Lowry assists Siakam near the rim and scores a layup, Boucher scores on penetration, Doncic assists Green who converts by the board, Powell scores a layup on penetration, Boucher scores near the rim and Raptors leads the match by 1 possession, finishing the fourth with Raptors winning by 4 points.

Brunson assists Porzingis who turns it around and reduces the lead to 1 possession, Brunson converts an effective shot from the perimeter and gives the advantage to Mavericks, Anunoby scores a basket on penetration, Porzingis converts an effective shot from the perimeter, Lowry scores a shot from the 3-point line, it is a three-way war, this time Johnson appears with an effective shot from the perimeter, ends the first half with the game even.

Second Half

Doncic assists Porzingis with a great alley-oop, then Brunson scores an effective shot from the perimeter and Mavericks takes the lead, Siakam assists Lowry who scores near the goal and they take the lead again, Johnson converted a shot from the perimeter, Siakam scored a tray on penetration and got the foul, scored the additional free kick, Cauley-Stein scored a spin near the rim, ending the 3rd period winning Raptors by 9 points.

Powell penetrated and converted a plate, continued to increase the Raptors' lead over Mavericks, Powell continued to impact the offense and converted the basket against the defense, Burke converted an effective shot from the perimeter and reduced the lead, Stanley Johnson scored from the 3-point line and extended the Raptors' lead, VanVleet converted an effective shot from the perimeter to put the game at its maximum advantage, culminating in a 116-93 match with a Raptors' crushing victory over Mavericks.

Best Performances

Kyle Lowry 23 Pts. 9 Reb. 7 Ast.
Chris Boucher 21 Pts. 10 Reb. 2 Ast.
Norman Powell 17 Pts. 2 Reb. 2 Ast.

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