Meeting between the best team of the conference this Vs. one of the teams with better performance and top positions in the conference west, another interesting night in the NBA to enjoy a good duel.

Game Summary

Harris scores the first 2 points of the match, then a Lowry steal with a basket in fast break, the game started very balanced, VanVleet scored an effective shot from the perimeter, with a determined penetration executed Gallinary adding 2 points, then 3 points from Lowry that would give some advantage to Raptors, Green would score a shot from half distance, seconds later Valanciunas would convert a good shot from half, and then Siakam with a quick break would add 2 more points and extend the advantage of Raptors, finish the fourth 23 - 36 up Raptors.

Effective shot from the perimeter of Theodosic to shorten the advantage, assistance from Theodosic to Harrel and then 2 points in Wallace penetration, and 3 points from Theodosic and then another shot from the perimeter decrease the advantage, Valanciunas would convert a shot from half distance, Scott would summarize with a great shot from the perimeter, a great assist from Lowry to Siakam would return a good advantage to Raptors, Ibaka would convert 3 points, Gallinary would respond with an effective shot from the perimeter, an assist from Lowry to Green would give 2 more points, ends the first half 57 - 70 up Raptors.

Second Half

Gallinary would simply overturn the ball and reduce the advantage to 13 points for Clippers, then Ibaka would respond with a shot from the perimeter and extend the advantage, Lowry assists Ibaka and this one overturns the ball, again Ibaka would attack strongly the hoop and get 2 more points, Lowry would assist Wright who would convert a shot in the corner of the perimeter, seconds later Lowry would score an effective shot of 3 points, again Lowry would get another shot from the perimeter, Raptors would take control of the game and Clippers would notice their lack in defense, finishes the 3rd quarter 74 - 103 Raptors up.

Berverly with a float would score 2 points, then Wright would steal the ball and score an easy basket in quick break, Monroe would assist Anunoby who would overturn it, Raptors dominated the game against apathetic Clippers, Thornwell would score 2 points in quick break, then Thornwell would assist Marjanovic who would overturn it, Marjanovic would again find a basket with an excellent hook and foul, which would be effective on the free kick, 3 minutes to play and the advantage was 21 Pts. Marjanovic would overturn it, there was only one minute left to play with the game already defined and with the benches of the teams on the board, would end the encounter 99 - 123 victory for the Raptors.

Details and Personal Analysis

Raptors with a great offense takes control of the game from the 3rd quarter to some apathetic Clippers who showed their worst defense and allowed the Raptors to dominate the encounter.

Best Performance

Serge Ibaka 25 Pts. 9 Reb.

Let me know your opinions and impressions if you enjoyed the game or read the publication.