Interesting encounter where one of the best teams of the East face the 76ers of Philadelphia vs. the best team of the Raptors of Toronto conference in an elegant evening with another great game of the NBA.

Game Summary

Embiid would inaugurate the scoreboard with an excellent hook, then a great Simmons basket, would arrive later near the hoop, a good mid-distance basket from Shamet, and a great pass from Simmons to Butler slightly extend the lead over Raptors, Leonard would respond with an effective shot from the perimeter, a big embiid dive in fast break with McConnell's assistance, then answer Valanciunas with a dump, a few seconds later Redick would assist Embiid who would get 2 more points, finishes the fourth 29 - 23 up 76ers.

With a reverse of Redick would continue 76ers hitting offensively, Butler would basket by the final line, then would come a basket of an offensive rebound of Monroe, minutes later a great penetration with Simmons nailed gives a slight advantage to 76ers, Butler would find an accurate shot from the perimeter, Anunoby would give an assist to Ibaka who would convert a basket near the hoop, Leonard would turn a ball into a quick break and draw the game, Leonard would convert a good shot from the perimeter, finish the first half 49 - 53 up Raptors.

Second Half

A good run at the start of the second half would give the Raptors an advantage of 7 points, 76ers lowered their defensive intensity and the Raptors took advantage, 76ers would react and with a close pass from Simmons to Butler they would move to a single possession, Muscala would get a foul from the perimeter and basket the 3 free throws to give the advantage to Philadelphia, Leonard would respond with a shot from the effective perimeter, Redick would basket long distance and get 3 points, finish the 3rd quarter 77 - 78 up Raptors.

Embiid would throw a volcadon and place Philadelphia up, Valanciunas would turn a turn into fadeaway and Raptors would take some advantage, followed Valanciunas this time with a big dive in transition, Siakam would overturn a ball in transition, then would come the jewel of the crown Leonard and would overturn a ball on the defense in transition, a shot from the perimeter of Lowry would give the control of the game to Raptors with 1 minute to play, finishes the encounter 102 - 113 victory with a great played for the Raptors on the 76ers.

Details and Personal Analysis

A game that began tight and that change of leadership in the scoreboard on several occasions, while the confrontation passed, but in the closing the depth of the bank of the Raptors was a key factor like Kawhi Leonard who made a great game showing his offensive power, 76ers were short of arguments in the fourth final and Toronto Raptors gets a great victory at home.

Best Performance

Kawhi Leonard 36 Pts. 9 Reb.

Let me know your opinions and impressions if you enjoyed the game or read the publication.