Another great night of NBA basketball to watch as the Chicago Bulls face off against the Utah Jazz, the number one team in the league, there could be surprises so we will enjoy a great game.

First Half

Williams scored a mid-range shot and the Bulls took the lead on the scoreboard, Mitchell converted an effective shot from the perimeter, Carter Jr. dunked the ball in penetration. LaVine scored from the 3-point line, Ingles finished the ball and made a basket, White scored a double from long distance, Ingles converted an effective shot from the perimeter and gave the Jazz the lead, LaVine answered from the 3-point line and gave the advantage back to Chicago, the first quarter ended with a partial advantage of 2 possessions for Utah.

Utah would take a considerable advantage of 16 points exploiting the low defense of the Bulls, Niang assisted Gobert and he dunked it near the hoop, Mitchell converted an effective shot from the perimeter, Williams made a layup in front of the defense and discounted the advantage, Young made a layup near the basket, Young continued impacting in the offense this time finishing off a rebound and getting the basket, Mitchell converted an effective shot from the perimeter, the first half ended with a 14 points Jazz partial advantage.

Second Half

LaVine made a layup and got the foul, made the extra free throw, Satoransky made a layup, LaVine made a layup and discounted the advantage, Mitchell penetrated and made a layup, Satoransky scored from mid-range, Bogdanovic assisted English and he converted an effective shot from the perimeter, Utah added a comfortable advantage and had control of the game, Mitchell scored from the 3-point line, ending the 3rd quarter with Utah's advantage by 19 points.

Gobert tipped the ball with forcefulness in front of the defense, Clarkson scored a floater near the hoop, Clarkson made an impact in the offense and left a fast break layup, Clarkson continued with a mid-range shot, LaVine left a layup attacking the end line, Mitchell assisted Gobert in a great alley-oop, Clarkson made a basket in front of the mark and kept extending the lead, Bogdanovic assisted Gobert and Gobert dunked it, White scored a shot from the 3-point line, the game ended with Jazz victory 120 - 95 over Bulls.

Best Performances

Donovan Mitchell 30 Pts. 6 Reb. 6 Ast.
Rudy Gobert 21 Pts. 10 Rebs. 9 Blk.
Joe Ingles 17 Pts. 17 Pts. 7 Reb. 7 Blk. 2 Stl.

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