A completely different sport development model is applied in almost all countries of the world. As in Turkey and some European countries it is not the main source for sports clubs and athletes in the United States, schools. Sports clubs have a very important role in the development of sports in the country. However, when children and young people participate in sports, schools and universities are included in the program. The reason why school sports is a driving force in the sports infrastructure in the country is that the education system is mostly managed by the private sector. The provision of quality sports training in schools is directly related to the financial situation of the school. The better the financial situation, the better the material needed for the development of the sport, facilities and training can be qualified. Public schools are funded by public resources, while private schools are financed by donations. While the state has almost no intervention in the basketball infrastructure, the division of the teams according to both regional and success levels undertake the responsibility of the country's sports infrastructure. Liğler takes place during the training period. If a child wants to be able to play basketball from the age of 5 by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by local organizations or churches. Beginning with the seventh grade, he can be a part of the school team.

US success in basketball is attributed to two reasons. The first one is the absence of any obstacles to the participation of all children in the sport regardless of the high population and the socio-economic level. The biggest reason for the absence of this obstacle is that the basketball training service can be financed by socially responsible institutions and thus almost completely free.

Almost all children and adolescents engaged in basketball in the country are studying in schools supported by the American Educational Administration. Sportive activities are integrated into the academic system and gathered under one roof. This shows that children and young people are first students and then they are athletes. Basketball is much more competitive in college. For players, not only in terms of basketball, but also for the players to continue their basketball lives, they must meet high standards in both academic and basketball fields. In other words, academic achievement is required as a prerequisite for participation in sportive activities. If a student is not successful in his / her class regardless of his / her talent, this is an obstacle for the student to participate in the team. The opposite is that a student is away from his / her courses because of how well he / she plays in the sport.

Rules for College Sports are determined by the American College of Sports (NCAA). This institution strives to ensure that students' academic, sports and social life is balanced. The colleges have academic coordinators to provide both cooperation and information flow between the academic unit and the sports unit. These coordinators work in harmony with the college educators to make up for the courses and exams students cannot attend.

Thus, achieving superior success in both academic and sportive fields is achieved. The reason for this is that the majority of students who think that they will be a professional player will end up in a short period of time and that they will face a career in a field other than sports.

We can see how mandatory this system is by looking at the 2016 NCAA male college basketball data. In 2016, 18,684 students took part. Of these students, 4152 were qualified for professional leagues. However, only 44% of these players were karşılık draft Ancak. In other words, 99% of students had to go outside the sports system.

Due to such facts, NCAA has been trying to ensure the continuity of students' academic achievements by applying new control elements on the students since the beginning of 2000s.

Although the NBA management has no influence on the decisions taken on basketball, the NBA organizes many camp programs for players. In addition, the NBA management is in direct contact with about 50 universities in the NCAA League.

One of the most important elements of the system is the coaches. Coaching in Turkey and are trying to improve themselves rather than, as in some European countries, a challenging training process is successfully completed, and then after they have proven knowledge of the system olabilmekt are included. After being included in the system, they are continuously monitored, and those who renew themselves according to the current information and the conditions of the day are allowed to stay in the system.

Source National Basketball Movement Research Report (2017)