Hello Scorum Fans! Today I present to you another Episode of NBA Highlights, and for today's episode, we will talk about the 2019 NBA Free Agency and some of the hottest and Latest News!

During his stay with the Golden State Warriors, JaVale McGee won two NBA titles with the team. But he was not their starting center. He is a great role player who played well whenever he is needed. He gave a lot of contribution off the bench to the Warriors' championship runs. He played well especially at the defensive end of the floor. And he has shown much improvement in offense.

So, when the summer of 2018 came, the Los Angeles Lakers sign him to give him a starting role due to his improved game. He earned that starting spot and he is deserving. I believe that he is a little underrated. He can do a lot of things. With a pass-first point guard Rajon Rondo and LeBron James playing with him, he can do even better.

Now that the Lakers signed Dwight Howard, JaVale McGee believes that he is still L.A.'s starting center. He expected to be the Lakers starting center this upcoming season.

This offseason, he is working hard to keep that starting center role and even though Dwight Howard is a big threat for the position, McGee is confident.

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