So for the 2nd time in the last decade the city of Cleveland has decided to remove Lebron James banner after he's made a key decision to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. The man in this video has taken the words right from my mouth and has given me a newfound perspective on the possibly crumbling relationship between Lebron James and the city of Cleveland. Perhaps this news illuminates a much deeper-seeded lack of acknowledgement or appreciation of one party for the other.

Lebron James, "seems to have a plan about his life..." and has always given his all on the court. Of course, there are many who will argue differently as well as many who will neglect to appreciate or even respect what Lebron James has done for the Cleveland franchise, NBA, and NBA fans. Pretty much all of who appreciate sports or anyone performing at a superior level nearly day in and day out will savor every moment of this new and upcoming Lebron chapter. 

Lebron's Legacy:

*The above image of a comment made to me in a previous post comes from a writer here on Scorum ; Upon me receiving his approval to reveal his name and image in my post I will then give full credit with an updated image. 

It was suggested or, for lack of a better word, unveiled to me by a writer who I follow here on Scorum that Lebron's Legacy is more than what meets the eye; Lebrons legacy will go beyond everyday talk like  "Lebron better than Kobe," or "Lebron will never get as many rings as Jordan."  Lebron's legacy talk and now the NBA has begun to open a chapter that many will spectate and be forced to hear about whether they like it not. 

As for me, I will expect nothing short of greatness from Lebron. I, like many, believe this move to the Lakers will be one of Lebrons biggest moments in the NBA and most lasting impression he leaves with us before he retires.