In the eight races held between the Italian night and night in NBA, the Clippers' victory at the Blazers stand out with an excellent Gallinari but also the knockout of the other Los Angeles team or Lebron James Lakers who lose at the Staples against the Magic. Well Phila, Toronto and Utah. Find out with me everything that happened in the cartel matches.

LAKERS-MAGIC 104-108: after three wins in a row the Gialloviola recover the bitter taste of the defeat but still remain in the first eight of the western. Decisive return to the field after the long break with a third quarter to be screamed by the Florida team that scores a partial 35-19. The protagonist for Orlando is the usual Vucevic with 31 and 15 rebounds. In Lakers, as always Lebron is the top scorer but his 24 points seasoned by 7 assists and 4 rebounds are not enough despite a great comeback in the last period that had put things back on par with a few seconds before the end of the match.

BLAZERS-CLIPPERS 100-104: if Lebron returns home with a grudge, our Danilo Gallinari does it with a smile. Important victory in the Blazers' house (in losing streak from 3 matches) that allows the Clips to climb over the Warriors and place themselves at the head of the western conference. Race difficult and could not be otherwise. The Californians at the interval are below but in the third quarter they split the match in two, taking the game in hand. Also in this case the two teams then found themselves in equal to a little bit from the end but the coldness of the guests got the better. Gallo closes with 17 points and 8 rebounds (Harris makes it 34) while on the other side is not enough the Lillard's crown.

NETS-SIXERS 125-127: fifth victory in six races for Philadelphia, fourth defeat in the last 5 matches for Brooklin. The numbers of the two teams are all here with the Sixers more and more thirds in solitary in the eastern and with the Nets instead come out of the playoff area. Locals who dominated for three quarters and then melt like snow in the sun in the last 12 minutes where they pass from +11 to -2 final. Both Bulter and Embid are the protagonists, who divide almost equally 66 points and 24 rebounds. In the hosts Russel puts a report on 38 but not enough.

RAPTORS-HEAT 125-115: Toronto is confirmed as one of the most fit teams of the moment, scoring the fifth victory in a row that serves to underline once again the hegemony in the east and to underline the bad thread of Miami. Match never questioned with the Raptors in practice always ahead if not in the first few minutes of play. Wade preaches in the desert making 35 but it is only against everyone. For the hosts instead Leonard makes 29 more 10 rebounds.

KINGS-JAZZ 112-133: both were veterans of a knockout, respectively against Warriors and Lakers and in the end to raise their heads was the talented Utah who has always had the ball of the game. Both are light years away from the positions that count but if nobody asks for the miracle in Sacramento, everyone knows that the Jazz can and must still improve a lot. The top scorers are Bogdanovic (20 points) for the hosts and Rubio (27) on the other confirming the now clear US-Europe democracy in the NBA tables.

Other results: Pistons-Suns 118-107, Hawks-Hornets 124-123, Grizzlies-Knicks 98-103.