What is up Basketball fans out there! I'm @dwin0603 and I'm back! For those who were here for a long time I know you heard of me. I've been away from Scorum for the past couple of years I think but now I'm here again to show you guys something interesting for basketball fans.

I have found a NBA Fantasy game called SORARE and it's free to play. Yes, you red it right. It's free to play and we all have a chance to get some crypto out of this game. Imagine that boys! Earning crypto while enjoying the game.

Here's a quick summary of what's inside the game!

So, the mechanics are simple. We create our own roster, we join some tournaments and battle all over the world using your own line up. Imagine that, we can be like NBA GMs! Haha

To make it more interesting, the photo above is my own roster. I've been playing this game for a week now and I already have that lineup. KD, Herro, Gobert, Green and Bogdanovic. And as you can see below I was ranked 167th over 5,437 competitors. That was quite high! And thanks to the players on my roster they performed really well this week that's why I achieved that rank.

And with that rank, I will be rewarded with a limited edition card which I can sell to the marketplace for real money! $$$ Check out the price pool of the contest I participated.

As you can see my rank was inside the range of 81 to 230 so that means I will receive a limited edition card. Can't wait to see who am I going to have tomorrow!

Also Check out the marketplace to have some idea how much can we potentially earn from having a limited edition card.

So, if you're interested to play, go to my link and start now!