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Devonte Graham is third in the NBA at the moment in three-point makes. That sure is a staggering fact considering that this is a guy who we didn't know about till now. He sure came out of nowhere if you take a look at the enormous jump that he's made since his rookie year last season, he played only 46 games for the Hornets and had 4.7 points per game. He spent the other half playing in the G-League but this year, he's the leader in both points and assists for the Hornets.

Well, coming off the bench, that's crazy so the coach was kind of forced to put him in the starting lineup with numbers like these. And speaking of the coach, James Borrego has given Graham the ultimate neon green light for him to shoot whenever he wants that's why you can see him shoot from the parking lot. What's really interesting is the fact that Devonte's range allows the team to not have to run a ton of plays for him. The primary way of getting him a look is a high pick-and-roll that he loves and every time that the defender goes under, he lets it fly. That is something that guys like Steph Curry or Damian Lillard are usually doing. But the fact that he isn't really on the scouting report for teams yet allows for Devonte to have so much space on the screen and a lot of time for him to gather and go up for the shot.

If you give a good shooter this much time in space he'll definitely knock it down most of the time. He has been one of the main reasons that the Hornets are staying afloat in the sixth or the seventh place in the east as nothing to be proud of but almost everyone truly expected them to be dead last. So, this is very positive. It remains to be seen how well can he keep shooting once he gets at the top on opposing scouting reports and how the Hornets can find creative ways to get him open so that he can keep his hot shooting. Devonte Graham is something else and we have to keep an eye on this kid.

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