Marcus Morris, he is one of the Morris twins and these guys always being a respectful and calm. But yesterday night Marcus went out his mind and got ejected from the game.. And the game wasn't a play of game, only a pre-season match.. I really couldn't understand why he became a mad person in a second.. He was playing one on one with the Justin Anderson, he was guarding him well, Morris first tried to hit his face with his elbow and then hits his head with the ball (!).. I think the referees was right to eject him.. Watch the ejection video here 👇👇👇

He was making his debut with the New York Knicks and i believe he has done something that everyone will always remember. Specially the Wizards crowd in the Capital One Arena in Washington DC.. Morris, before he ejected was playing some great basketball, he able to play only 19 minutes last night and scored 17 points and grabbed 7 rebounds.. After the Morris told the press and said; "If it is not pre-season game i wouldn't do that, my team needs me on the floor"

Anyways, Knicks won the game 104-99 and make good start for the season. You can watch the game highlights below 👇👇👇