Hello everyone. As all you know i am writing about NBA and sports in last 5 months and i always try to publish the newest or the interesting subjects for making an entertainament. Also i love to remind the people about the history.. There are really lots of things that we should never forget about the history, history of sports and NBA. As a NBA fanatic i have researching all the glorious stories and try to share them with you time to time.

Many NBA fans don't know all about the history because no one really try to share historical artciles/videos in these days. For example if i ask you that when was the first time the NBA started to give a MVP awards? Few people would answer this question right? I also didn't know exactly time and all MVP players.. NBA MVP awards founded in 1955-56 season and the first MVP was Bob Pettit from St. Louis Hawks.. (After i prepared the video i am not going to forget any of them for sure:)

There are many names and glorious achievements in NBA history and i wanted to make a video about the NBA MVP awarded players and about their MVP performances. I hope you like it.. Remember there are 64 Seasons with 35 different MVP players.. And all of those names played some great basketball and put their souls in to the game.. We had too many great names like Bill Russell (5 times MVP), Larry Bird (3 times), Jordan 5 and Kareem 6 times.. Amazing times with amazing players..

Here is my video 👇👇👇