Hello everyone, i wish great day to all of you.. Today i want to talk about the Milwuake Bucks, the strongest team in NBA right now. They are having 16 times consecutive NBA wins and they are at 22 Win and 3 loose.. They only lost 2 away games which was against Utah Jazz and Boston Celtics and lost only 1 home game, which was against the Miami Heat and the game went to over time..

They are shooting at %48.4 from the floor and %36.1 from the three-point area. Their full game stats in 2019-20 NBA season so far:

120.8 points per game

51.6 rebounds (41.6 defensive, 10.0 offensive)

26.0 assists per game

6.0 blocks per game

7.8 steals per game

14.5 turnovers per game

I don't know where to start but i believe it should be about Giannis.. Antetokounmpo, the GreekFreak! He is playing some great basketball and this league haven't seen too many players like him before.. He is playing his 7th season in NBA and he is keep improving his game every year.. You can check his stats and improving below 👇👇👇

If we check the team leaders 👇👇👇

Also Bucks created a another big name who is Chris Middleton.. When they brought Middleton fro the Detroit Pistons, no one would say that he would be a great but he has became an All-Star player and he seems to be attending the next All-Star games for sure.. They also have Lopez brothers, both could play great in both sides of the games offence and defence.. When we say Ersan Ilyasova we should add that he still can play in any NBA teams for back-up. Sterling Brown and D.J. Wilson.. Both yougun and promising players, they both drafted in 2017 and today they are playing in big roles in the Bucks.. We can easily see that the Bucks management worked hard and they made the right moves..

They also have great veterans, Kyle Korver, Wesley Matthews and George Hill.. They all played for several teams and they all have great achievements.. They would bring great power to the Bucks in playoffs with their experience..

So, i believe the Bucks could be the next NBA champion, specially i strongly believe that they would win the Eastern Conference Championship. They only have Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors in the East and i believe they can surpass them like 4-1 or 4-2.. If they can reach the NBA Finals they need to be better than Clippers or Lakers which team would win the West..

Thank you for reading, if you have any comments please leave below..