In the new season, I read a lot of wrong ideas about the Lakers, who added Lebron to their staff. The first was that the Lakers were one of the championship candidates. These comments reduced to the performance of the single player are really sad. I know, Lebron will still have a high season. But there are very few talented players to accompany him on the team. If Ingram, Ball and Kuzma cannot show the expected development, Lebron can do limited. The highest point they can see is the eighth in the Western Conference. In this comment just because there is Lebron. The Lakers' current squad structure is not suitable to attack from outside. However, they can be effective in dual games and transition attacks.

Secondly, I see the wrong comments about the other new players who joined the Lakers. Here, I will be more positive about the issue. I think Beasley will be very good at the offense. In McGee, I think that the defense and the dual attacks will fulfill the requirements of modern basketball. if it gets concentrated enough.

I believe that Josh Hart and Alex Caruso will be good bench players this year. Josh Hart's penetration into the painted area is important to the Lakers and Caruso needs his punitive shooting.

Honestly, I believe they'll have a more disciplined game set-up than expected. But that won't be enough for them. I think it would be easier for everyone to wait for the free agent period ahead.