Game 6 of the NBA playoff finals between Golden State and Toronto Raptors will held at the Oracle Arena, Oakland.

The Golden State Warriors beat The Toronto Raptors 106-105 in the game 5 of the 2018-19 NBA Finals at the ScotiaBank Arena, Toronto. Golden State changed the series to 2-3 and advanced to Game 6.

The Golden State warriors will play without Kevin Durant who returns from injury in game 5 and picked up another injury the Same day and he was unable to complete the game sue to Achilles tendon rupture injury.

Fortunately for the unfortunate, Golden State succeeded in regaining the knighthood by catching the fifth game in the open. However, after surviving the battle, Now Golden State have to pick up the sixth game so that they can drive the series to the last game. Golden State will have to pour all the power out of the remaining games if they lose one of the games.

Durant's injury is shocking and fatal, he would have been a considerable pressure on the opponent. However, the fact that the weight of the series is still leaning toward Toronto as it is getting out of the heat due to a serious injury. It is also against the Golden State that the 7th game is held in Toronto even if Golden State takes the sixth game.

Toronto, who had three wins in the tournament and one step closer to winning their first title in the team's history, faced strong opposition from defending champions at home. The Game 6 will be played on the 14th.


  • Predict the winning team and the total score.
  • Predict in this format: Golden State - 220


  • Only the the first 20 predictions will be valid.
  •  The closer score will also be considered.
  • And if there is more than one winner the reward will be shared among the winners.