LA Lakers and Dwight Howard reunited.

According to Reports, Howard reported that Lakers' contract was in full swing, with the number "39". Lakers had released Aric Holman to sign a deal with Howard. Holman was called into a contract (Exhibit 10), which was signed earlier this two-way deal.

Howard's contract is in fact no less than a predecessor. It is not a contract that is concluded in advance of the training camp, but rather a contract that is carried out in order to set up the means for jumping into the head of the training camp. Normally, the terms of the deal are exceptional if you feel competing through a training camp deal after he's finished.

Howard terminated his contract with Memphis Grizzlies before joining Lakers. As much as $ 3 million in salary from Memphis, this means that the Lakers have joined the team rather than weighing heavily on contract size and terms. Howard's contract is a condition that is not guaranteed, as it is already known, and the salary will not be preserved even if it is released unless it is converted to the guarantee.

In other words, if he fails to enter the roster, the contract will be terminated naturally. It is the first time Howard has made such a contract. It is natural to think that it is not already a guaranteed condition. If he is injured during the season, he may lose his seat.

Nevertheless, Howard insisted on going to Lakers rather than staying in Memphis.

While other players may be able to conclude a camp deal, there are many who want to play because of the contract Howard has signed. Howard's physical condition has already been significantly removed from his prime, and his history of injury still remains high. On the contrary, it may be a way for Howard to compete in order to defeat the multiplier and get the seat right.

It is understood by the sense that Howard is eager for the Ring of Victory, but he is more hungry for honor recovery than anyone else.

Already at the time of contact with the Lakers, even if he was pushed out of the competition a week ago, he has been willing to play on the bench. Howard has been on business for a long time in the NBA. last season Injury was a big deal, but the side that showed the intention to accept the bench was such a big issue for Howard.

On the other hand, no player had ever played in the Lakers after running 39 times. Howard first picked 39 on his team's history. For reference, Howard debuted in the last 2004-2005 season. At that time, he was the best center in the world, including the one that was selected as the All-Star.

But after Howard left Lakers, he had to visit several teams. After the contract with Houston Rockets expired, the team moved year after year. At that time, Howard held 12 times. In the 2016-2017 season, the number was changed to 8 in the Atlanta Hawks and 21 in the 2018-2019 Season of the Wizards.

The key point now is that Howard has taken a good look at the camp, showing good looks. Even as a Lakers, the center needs a lot, and if Howard looks good, there's nothing better. Howard, who has been disappointing in the last season's injuries, has to compete more fiercely for the recovery of honor. The second season he is spending at Lakers is focused on the eyes of many people.