"Team LeBron" enjoyed victory for the second consecutive year in the NBA All-Star game. LeBron James (LA Lakers) led a team with his name on it for the second year in a row after the NBA changed the All-Star game to the "East vs. West" confrontation to the current captain draft.

On the other hand, Captain Stephen Curry (Golden State), who had a hard time with Team Lebron in last year's All-Star game, became the number 2 player of Team Giannis, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee), but was defeated again in the second year in a row.

One of the biggest concerns for the All-Star game was the members of 'Team LeBron. When looking at the faces of the players James picked in the All-Star draft, there were a number of players who had been rumored to be eating a pot at the Lakers.

In particular, Anthony Davis is still mentioned as likely to wear a Lakers uniform this summer, although the Lakers put all their energy for the trade until early this month, it was rejected by New Orleans to become the first Team Lebron at the Lakers.

That is why right after the draft, James started to say that he wanted to play with the Lakers, not the All-Star game, and that he formed a team based on potential players. There was also a joke called "Team Tampering," not "Team LeBron."

That's why all-star weekend James was particularly interested in what he was talking about with his all-star colleagues, who will be the FA, in the near future, and how they work together in the All-Star game. Even though there was no telling what the future outcome would be, many people did not stop trying to relate James' All-Star draft to the future of the Lakers.

player who played for Team LeBron in the All-Star game, which of them would be Team LeBron in the Lakers. The analysis shows that it is not easy for the Lakers to catch even one member of Team LeBron this summer.



It is not yet certain whether Durant will leave Golden State this summer. But it is true that there is a possibility, and if so, Lakers can definitely be ahis next team. However, Durant has little chance of eating a pot with James. If he decides to leave Golden State, the team that is considered the most likely destination is the New York Knicks.

And the interesting rumor that goes around is that Irving is likely to join forces in Durant and New York. Irving had a stance that he would renew his contract with Boston until October last year, but not long ago, he said, "I'll see you then," showing a slightly different tone.



Boston is planning to renew its contract after the end of the season and build a new super team by signing Davis Trade if Irving opts out of the current contract, which is expected to be determined by what Durant and Irving are thinking of each other.

For now, Irving is likely to renew his contract with Boston, but if he leaves Boston, the destination seems far more likely to be a Knicks, not a Lakers. In particular, if Durant goes to New York, Irving is likely to follow him.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANTHONY DAVIS

The fact that Davis wants to come to Lakers is not news already. However, it was revealed during the All-Star game that Lakers were not the only ones that had been thought to be considered. Davis even went so far as to say that Boston was on the list of teams he wanted to go to, which raised his chances of wearing Boston's uniform rather than Lakers in the trade market this summer.

If Boston were to get Davis, chances of Irving and re-signing would certainly go up together. As the Lakers failed to catch Davis in trade negotiations earlier this month when Boston was unable to compete, it became clear that the chances of Davis and James eating a pot of rice have plummeted. Moreover, even if Davis wants to come to the Lakers, he has no say in it until next summer.

But there is another variable in Davis' case. If New York wins the first nomination in the draft lotteries, all scenarios will be rocked.

If New York wins the nomination, it is highly likely Davis will be traded, in this case the scenario of Durant and Irving joining Davis under an FA contract to form a super 'Big Three' in New York will be feasible. New York fans are already beating their hearts to think of the dreamy scenario.

This scenario, of course, depends on whether New York wins the first nomination at Rotary, but Boston cannot help but be nervous as long as there is a slight possibility. It goes without saying that if Durant, Irving and Davis join forces in New York, there will be a change in the NBA's power structure.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------KAHWI LEONARD

Leonard, once expressed his desire to go to Lakers when he asked for a trade in San Antonio last year, so if he doesn't renew his contract with Toronto this summer, chances are high that he will come to Lakers. Still, it is hard to be optimistic about Leonard's chances of having a pot with James. Leonard is more likely to go toward Clippers than Lakers.



Thompson is one of the most likely players to come to the Lakers if he decides to leave the Golden State this summer. His father, Michael Thompson, was a former Lakers star and is currently the radio commentator for the Lakers.

The question is whether Thompson will leave Golden State. If Golden State is actively involved in the game, chances are high that he will just sit tight. Especially if Durant decides to leave, Golden State becomes more desperate to hold on to Thompson and in that case the chances of Thompson leaving Golden State are slim.